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Best new bikes to buy in Delhi

Best new bikes to buy in Delhi
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The world gets busier day by day with ever increasing population and tight schedules. The cities are getting densely populated thus getting a living space near to the place of work is becoming next to impossible. This makes the mode of transportation from home to work place very important. The scenario is even more difficult in countries like India, where the density of urban populations is extremely high. The population of New Delhi, the capital of India is estimated to be around 25 million when the neighboring towns also taken into consideration. This huge population in and around Delhi suggests that many of them have to live far from their working place and thus depend heavily on daily transportation between home and workplace.

The uncertainty of public transport, especially in odd hours means the workers often tend to have their own transport such as a two wheeler or a four wheeler if possible. Now, getting a four wheeler is not possible for the majority of the population purely because of the cost associated with it starting from procuring it and then maintaining it. Moreover, two wheeler give extra agility in congested areas with heavy traffic in Delhi.

This clearly demonstrates the importance of two wheeler in the daily life for the general population in New Delhi. Among two wheeler, different models of bikes are more popular, especially among the male population. Keeping pace with the demand there are numerous options of bike models available in India and in New Delhi. What to consider while getting new bikes in Delhi? Let us consider the important facts to look at before buying new bikes in Delhi.

  • Whenever you are going to buy a new bike always take help from someone who has good experience handling bikes.
  • Always consider hard between the pros and cons of different bike models and companies before finalizing your selection. Say you are looking for Hero Honda bikes in Delhi, one of the popular brands in India, always compare with other brands and see whether it suits you perfectly or not. You never know which one will be ideal for you unless you give a detailed insight on it.
  • Never hesitate to talk to the sales persons in the details of the bike you are looking for. Also gather enough knowledge on the machinery of a bike including gears, clutch, brakes, engine specifications, wheels, gas tank etc.
  • Check for the warranties and post sale services available for the model you have chosen.
  • The accessories like helmets and rear mirrors are indispensable part of a bike and you should always check them properly before riding a bike. Look for the safety gears that may come along as a package (like gloves, jackets, helmets etc.) with the new bike.
  • Always sit on a bike to have a feel of its height and position according to your point of view.
  • Stick to your budget and carefully consider the financing options available.

If you are a new biker always go for four cylinder bikes that are less than 600 cc. For daily use a 150 cc bike is enough. Never go for a bike because of its looks and styles as most of the fancy bikes are for pro bikers and not for beginners. While selecting the bike your comfort and feel should get maximum priority and not the look and features. Never buy a bike on the first day. Take time and go for test rides and then decide the one that you feeling more comfortable with.

Remember that safety comes first and it is always recommended to wear the safety gears properly before every ride and having a valid license and bike insurance are must.

Nowadays, many people think that buying a bike online is the best option while the others think that a bike should always be bought after seeing it and getting a test ride. But, one can always see and test ride and then go for online purchase. Hope this article will help people in Delhi to decide on their new bikes.


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