Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jungle Rides in Dhikala

Jungle Rides in Dhikala

Jungle Rides in Dhikala
View of wild elephants and deer during jungle rides in Dhikala, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, India......

Monday, November 24, 2014

Genetically Modified Food (GMF)

Genetically modified (GM) foods are those produced from organisms with modified genetic material (DNA) e.g. through the insertion of a gene from another organism. Most of the currently available GM foods are derived from plants, with possibility of GM food production from GM animals or microorganisms in the near future. Ensuring an adequate supply of food for the booming population of today’s world will be a major challenge in years to come. The introduction of GM foods can meet the need of proper a surplus food supply in a quite a number of ways as follows:
Pest resistance: Crop damage from insect pests is a devastating loss for farmers also resulting in starvation in developing countries. Tons of chemical pesticides are applied to the crop fields annually, which the consumers do not wish to eat because of potential risks to health. Production of GM foods such as Bt corn help eliminate the application of chemical pesticides and reduce the cost of bringing a crop to market.

  • Herbicide tolerance: Large quantities of various types of herbicide or weed-killer are sprayed to destroy weeds. This is an expensive process that requires careful handling so as to protect the crops and environment from the harmful effects of herbicides. Genetically modified crop plants should be synthesized in a way to be resistant to one or more harmful herbicides could protect the environment by minimizing the quantity of herbicides applied. As, for example, a strain of genetically modified soybeans has been developed by Monsanto that is not damaged by the herbicide product. When grown these soybeans only require a single application of the required herbicide instead of a number of applications, thereby reducing cost of production and reducing the dangers of environmental damage.
  • Cold tolerance: Extreme cold can destroy some crop plants. A gene from cold water fish has been inserted into certain plants such as potato and tobacco that are capable of tolerating frost.
  • Drought tolerance/salinity tolerance: As the world population grows and more land are utilized for housing instead of food production, farmers will need to grow crops in locations previously unsuited for plant cultivation. Creating plants that can withstand long periods of drought or high salt content in soil and groundwater will help people to grow crops in formerly inhospitable places.
  • Nutrition: People in third world countries rely mainly on one crop plant such as rice as the main staple food. But rice lacks adequate amounts of all the necessary nutrients. A new strain of of "golden" rice has been developed by the researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Institute for Plant Sciences with an unusually high beta-carotene (vitamin A). 
  • Pharmaceuticals: Certain drugs and vaccines are often costly to manufacture and also require special storage facilities quite unavailable in third world countries. Research is being carried out to develop edible vaccines in plants such as tomatoes and potatoes which will be much easier to store and administer as compared to the traditional vaccines that are injected. 
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lucky 6 by Fat Cat: A perfect lottery game for Android and IOS

Lucky 6 by Fat Cat
Lucky 6 by Fat Cat is the perfect lottery game, which is going to rock Indian gamers (both serious and casual) in the near future. It is available for both Android and IOS platform. Many of the young generation are game addict and most of us love to play games using our PC, laptop, tablets or smart phone. Even if we are not that interested in playing games, we still use to play it to pass some time during our journey or when we are waiting for somebody or just to pass some leisure time.
In these circumstances, we usually prefer the free games. But, the problem is that most of the interesting games are not free. They are all free to play for a few steps and levels or even for a few minutes only and then they will ask for some payment to enjoy the full version (though the money required is usually very small).
It is really very irritating, no? Now, can you imagine a really free to play game with full of excitement which has the capability to give you some extra cash or a holiday package and many more? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? It is really too exciting to believe, but Lucky 6 from Fat Cat will just give you the opportunity to win exciting deals while passing some leisure time by playing an exciting game.

Downloading and installing the game

I know that after reading this post up to this point you will be ready to download and play the game right away. So here is the link to the official website You have to download the game from the official website and you will not find it in Google play as reward based games are not allowed to be listed there. You will find the download links on the official website (for both Android and IOS). After downloading the file you have to sign up with your e-mail address and user name, and you are ready to play and earn some rewards. The game also gas referral system, where you can refer your friends and earn rewards from your friends as well.

How to play Lucky 6 by Fat Cat

The game format is really interesting and to be fair quite addictive. It is a lottery based game where you have to choose six of your favorite brands whose positions will change continuously over the course of the day depending on their share prices. At the end of every game the six brands at the top forms the winning combo and winning will depend on whether your favorite brand's position. All you have to do is to select six brands (you can have all the background information about the brands in your dashboard) and then confirm the selection. The excitement is just too much and it will hook you for hours.

Key features of Lucky 6 by Fat Cat

  •  It is a free game. Just download and play
  •  It is really extremely easy to understand and play. So anybody can enjoy and win here
  •  It is a real lottery like game where you can win real money
  •  It has referral system where you can ask your friends to play and win when they win
  •  You can also invite friends and compete with them and even win when they win
  •  Unlimited excitement
Lucky 6 by Fat Cat
Image courtesy: Fat Cat and Indiblogger
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Top 10 biotech companies in India

1.    Biocon
Established in the year 1978 Biocon, global biopharmaceutical enterprise is actively involved in the manufacturing and development of innovative technologies that includes large-scale chemical synthesis, microbial fermentation, mammalian cell culture, purification of protein & antibody and various aseptic formulations.
Chairman – Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw; Corporate Office – Bangalore, India | Sector – Private | Website –

2.      Serum Institute of India
Serum Institute of India Ltd. established in the year 1966 is the world's largest producer of Measles and DTP group of vaccines. The company manufactures life-saving Biologicals including Anti-Snake Venom and Tetanus Antitoxin serum, DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) and MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) group of vaccines at affordable prices.
Chairman – Cyrus S. Poonawalla; Location: Pune, India |
 Sector – Private | Website –

3.      Panacea Biotech Ltd
Panacea Biotec established in the year 1976, has strong R and D capabilities with a wide range of pipeline including:
Ø  Development various complex pharmaceutical generic compounds        Technologies)
Ø  Development of New Chemical Entities (NCE)
Ø  Vaccines
Chairman – Soshil Kumar, Corporate Office – New Delhi, India |
| Business – Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology |
Sector – Private | Website –

4.      Novo Nordisk 
Established in the year 1923, Novo Nordisk is the world’s leader in diabetes care, manufacturing broadest diabetes product that includes development of the most advanced products related to insulin delivery systems.
Chairman – Sten Scheibye, Corporate Office – Denmark,
Business -Sector –Pharmaceutical- Private | Website –

5.      GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
One of the earliest pharmaceutical companies in India is GSK India. It was established in the year 1924. The GSK India is an important group of manufacturing products of wide range of prescription medicines and vaccines in therapeutic areas such as dermatology, anti-infectives, diabetes, oncology, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. The company also manufactures vaccines for prevention of hepatitis A and B, invasive diseases caused by H. influenzae, chickenpox, DPT, cervical cancer, rotavirus, Streptococcal pneumonia etc.
Chairman – Chris Gent; Corporate Office – London, United Kingdom
Business –Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical,
Sector – Private | Website –

6.      SIRO Clinpharm 
Established in the year 1996 the company provides a wide range of services including Clinical Operations & Clinical Monitoring, Clinical Data management, medical and scientific writing, biostatistics and statistical programming, clinical trial supplies management, pharmacovigilance .

Chairman – Dr. Gautam Daftary; Corporate Office – Thane, India | | | Business – DrugDevelopment ;Sector – Private | Website –

7.      Novozymes, South Asia
Novozymes a biotech company established in 1925 strongly focus on production of novel enzymes. The company’s biosolution provides everything from the removal of trans fats in food to advancements in Bioenergy sources.
Chairman – Københavns Lufthavne; Corporate Office – Bagsvaerd, Denmark; Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, India; Sector – Private | Website –

8.      Zydus Cadila
Zydus Cadila, established in the year 1952, is a fully integrated, global healthcare company with complete healthcare solutions ranging from active pharmaceutical ingredients, formulations products related to animal health care to wellness products. The company is the only Indian pharma establishment that launched the world’s first drug NCE – Lipaglyn for treatment of diabetic dyslipidemia.
Chairman - Mr. Pankaj R. Patel, Corporate office-Ahmedabad, Sector- Private Website-

9.      Indian Immunologicals.
Indian Immunologicals Ltd. (IIL) was established in 1982 by The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) with the focus to manufacture Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccine available to poor people at an affordable price. IIL provides a range of adult as well as child vaccines.
 Chairman – Dr. Amrita Patel; Corporate Office – Hyderabad, India
 Business-sector –Biotechnology-private; Website –

10.  Wockhardt Ltd. 
Established in the year 1960 Wockhardt Ltd. is an international manufacturer of biopharmaceutical formulations along with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).
An integrated multi-technology capability was developed by the company for manufacturing all types of dosage formulation that includes sterile injectables and lyophilised products.
Chairman – Habil Khorakiwala; Corporate Office – Mumbai, India;
Business – Sector Biotechnology and Pharmaceutics-private

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Morning at Dhikala

Morning at Dhikala

Morning at Dhikala
Morning view of the grassland across the open field on the bank of the Ramganga River from Dhikala Rest House in Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, India.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Review: God Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian

BlogAdda is doing a marvelous job in giving ample opportunity for avid thriller lovers like me to enjoy a few of the exceptional ones.  So I was no doubt delighted to get the chance of going through “God Is A Gamer” by participating in the Book Review program of BlogAdda. This is the second novel from Ravi Subramanian, which I came across through this program. The earlier one was the Bankster. But, I loved this one much more and in one word, God Is A Gamer is the perfect page turner thriller that I came across after a long time.
I really enjoyed the book and finished reading in barely three sittings, which is something extraordinary for me as I am usually not a very quick reader and tend to enjoy the book slowly. That is the power of the God Is A Gamer. This is no doubt the best thriller I have gone through this year.
The plot of God is a Gamer revolves around the virtual currency Bitcoins. This is the first thriller based on Bitcoins and surely the all Ravi Subramanian fans will love it.
The plot sets off with two corporate chiefs (both belonging to credit/debit card companies) engaging themselves in some serious meeting and Wikileaks a year later, completely shuddering the US Government. The people around the world come to know about Bitcoins, the virtual money, and FBI starts their investigation as a blast kills a bureaucrat.
The plot then focuses on India, where a well known banker dies after falling from the top of a building where he was attending  a party and a struggling gaming company suddenly starts to make some serious fortune.
Generally a large sum of money and corruption always go hands on with politics and in a modern world with terrorism. There is no exception in this case, but Ravi Subramanian made sure to have enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge at every juncture.
As I have already mentioned, this indeed is a page turner thriller that may be reckoned as one of the best masterpieces of Ravi Subramanian. The gripping plot will amaze you on every page and it was really hard for me to keep up with the suspense. There has always been a strong urge to go to the end of the book and know the climax beforehand. But I am always against it and somehow managed to keep aside the temptation.
The book is very well researched and there is minimum deviation from logic. There are a few loopholes, but after all it is a fiction and not a textbook. Moreover, I feel that the author may make those mistakes intentionally to avoid writing a perfect crime in a fiction. And most importantly, that does not create any hindrance in the pace or quality of the thriller.
Friends, if want your adrenaline to go pumping, just grab a copy of “God is a Gamer” and enjoy.
You can watch the trailer of the book here -
Book Source: BlogAdda
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Price: Rs. 299/- (199/- on Flipkart)

Genre: Thriller

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Eagles silhouette

An eagle sitting on the top of a dead tree branch at the Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, India.......
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