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How to select your Hard Drives

How to select your Hard Drives
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The hard disk or drive is an important part of a computer. It stores the all important data and the essential operating system files. New versions of upgraded and improved hard drives with more storage space are getting launched almost every day. Selecting the right hard drive for your system is often tricky and requires some understanding of the system.

Working principle of a hard drive

The hard drives consist of numerous magnetized platters that are linked to a spindle, which spins the platters at high speed. At the same time various read and write heads scan the platters for required information. The information is then transferred to the hard drive controller and subsequently to the computer. The performance of a hard drive, thus depends on the amount of unused area, fragmentation or data arrangement and the data transfer rate (depends on spin rate and connection).

Types of Hard Drives

Internal: The hard drive placed inside your computer. 

External: This is the exact prototype of the internal hard drive kept inside a protective case. This is ideal to store and back up important data and good for people who need to transfer huge amount data.
Hard Drives for laptops: Functionally hard drives for laptops are exact copy of the desktop ones. But, they are compact in size to fit in laptops. Always check the compatibility of the hard drives with your system before buying.

Size: The size of the hard drive is critical as more size will give you more freedom of storage. Before upgrading the size of your hard drive, always make sure whether your system will support it or not. Nowadays, computers usually come with a minimum of 500 GB hard drive and 1 TB is quite common. You may consider buying two 500 GB hard drives instead of one of 1 TB. But, the price will be more for two 500 GB hard drives and the hard drives are usually robust enough to last for long years. So it is better to go for the cheaper option.

Interface: The connectivity of the hard drive with your computer is an essential aspect that needs to be considered before buying it. There are various types of interface available such as IDE or Integrated Drive Electronics (ATA Types); SCSI or Small Computer System Interface (SCSI Types); IEEE 1394 or Firewire (can connect 63 devices at a time); USB 1.1 or Universal Serial Bus (at a time can connect up to 127 devices, with transfer rate 1.5 MB/Sec); USB 2.0 (Can transfer at 60 MB/Sec); USB 3.0 (can transfer at 640 MB/Sec) and Fibre Channel (allows transfer over a long distance through cables at transfer rate of 106 MB/Sec).

Other things to be considered are spin rate (rate of data transfer that is a key factor for your computer performance), cache (the temporary memory acting as a buffer between the hard drive and your computer), seek time (the time taken by the hard drive to locate a precise track on the disk), external and internal transfer rate (the speed at which the drive reads and passes data) and self monitoring analysis and reporting technology (the ability of the drive to alert you regarding any possible malfunction).

So, before buying a hard drive, you have to look at various technical aspects that will help you to get the perfect hard drive matching your system. The price and after sell service are also important aspects to be considered.

How to select your Hard Drives
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The pink beauties

The pink beauties
A bunch of pink flowers in my neighborhood garden...................

Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to Avoid Back Pain

Most of the people nowadays suffer from back pain at some point of their life. The reasons behind back pain may vary. It may be due to demanding nature of work such as weight lifting and gardening or may be because of posture issues like sitting for long hours in chairs in wrong posture. Often the severity is such that you cannot pick a simple thing from the floor due to back pain. Now how to get rid of it or at least keep it in manageable condition? 

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Book Review: The Amazing Racist by Chhimi Tenduf-La

The Amazing Racist by Chhimi Tenduf-La
My Copy
The Amazing Racist by Chhimi Tenduf-La is one of the best fiction novels I have come across in recent times. The story initially spins around on a humorous note, but eventually turned out to be a beautiful and sensual portrait of daily life of Sri Lankans. 

The story revolves around an English teacher of an international school in Colombo, Eddie Trusted who fell in love with a lively and charming Sri Lankan beauty, Menaka Rupasinghe. The problem is that to get her, Eddie must win the heart of her traditional and frightful father, whose dream is to marry her daughter within his own race, caste and religion and possibly belonging to the same locality. 

Eddie was desperate to have his dream love and tried to win the heart of Thilak, the father of Menaka, through various ways. He ate highly spicy curries that make him breath fire and bleed spice, drive through red light areas in a drunken state, act violently with his colleagues, and even slept with snakes. But, will Thilak, who hates the colour of Eddie’s skin, will ever able to accept Eddie?
The book will take you to a mystical spell with glittering wit and interesting set of characters. The Amazing Racists is truly an amazing story of a man who gets the homely feeling in a strange land and a father with filthy tongue. Above all the story flows along the bond they share that are stronger than that exist between the families.

At the beginning of the novel, it seems that the book will follow its path towards a prototype love story. But, the things took an about turn when you go deeper into the story. The author has wonderfully portrayed the mind of the father, who does not want his daughter to be married to a man belonging to a different race. All the other factors simply have no importance in making this decision. Eddie desperately tries to win the heart of his father in law. Most of these incidents describing his effort are very interesting and captivating. Few of them though failed to make the same impact. 
The best thing about the book is the author’s eye on every minute detail of each character of the story. The way the bonding between Eddie and his father in law grew was quite naturally narrated and some of the events were quite emotional for the readers as well. At the same time the author created few hilarious situations that ease out the tension and emotion, thus creating a soothing atmosphere. 

But, the main attraction of the book is the way the Sri Lankan culture is presented in it. As a debut novel, it is a wonderful read indeed from Chhimi Tenduf-La. He has really produced a masterpiece with a unique style and simple flow of incidents. The Amazing Racist is a novel for people from every generation and group. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will rate as one of the best I have come across in the recent times.

Author: Chhimi Tenduf-La
Genre: Fiction
ISBN : 9789350099124
Publisher: Hachette India
Price: Rs 399/-
My Rating: 4.5/5

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Nashta at Guptaji's Place

Nashta at Guptaji's Place
Image Courtesy: Kellogg's India
The reasons I want to be in Guptaji's house for nashta. Nashta or the breakfast is an essential part of our daily meal. But, we Indians often neglect our breakfast or nashta and seldom take a good healthy and hefty nashta. The busy schedule of our daily routine contributes towards the habit of ignoring the breakfast. But, in reality taking some time out to have the breakfast can really make a lot of difference.

Benefits of a good breakfast

A healthy and nourishing breakfast in the morning provides the brain and the body all the necessary energy to work after the whole night of fast. When we do not have a good nashta, the body and brain run low on essential energy.

Ideally, we must have our nashta within two hours of waking and the nashta must be full of nutritional value while providing 20% to 35% of your total daily calorie requirement. 
Now breakfast or the nashta is not all about calories, it should also provide the essential nutrients like iron, calcium, B vitamins along with fibres and proteins. Most of the time, we miss these ingredients in our breakfast and often they are not getting compensated in the whole day and create a nutritional void in our system.

A healthy breakfast should compose of some variety of fruits such as banana or fruit juice. Along with fruits one may have some eggs, cheese, corn flakes with milk according to their choice. A proper breakfast keeps a person healthy and happy with improved memory and concentration, better mood and less stress. In case of children a good breakfast makes them attentive and well natured with improved performance in schools and in sports.

The general energy needs in our body

The energy demand varies with age and type of work we are into and usually men needs more energy than women (2500 Kcal and 2000 Kcal per day respectively). Children in growing age require a lot of energy as well (around 1970 Kcal per day for boys and 1740 Kcal per day for girls).

Other benefits of having a good breakfast

Researchers have revealed that a healthy breakfast helps in maintaining a trimmer waistline and control overweight issues. So never skip a breakfast as an excuse of dieting. The effect will be just the reverse. Breakfast can also bring the family together where you can eat together and refresh the bonding and feelings between each other at the start of the day.

Why will I go to Guptaji’s place for the nashta

Now that we have a clear idea about the benefits of breakfast or nashta, let me tell you about the reasons behind going to Guptaji’s place for the nashta. There are various breakfast or nashta ideas available over the internet and in books. But, the ideas of Guptaji are not only unique, but composed of mouth watering dishes made from Kellogg’s cornflakes that are healthy and nutritionally balanced. The corn flakes items are never ending (coconut ladoos, pomegranate raita, tandoori cheese – the favourite of mine, honey & fruit smoothie – another favourite of mine, Kiwi Yogurt, Nutty chocolate berry, spiced peach and so on) and each day I will get something new to taste. I will definitely make some time out to visit Guptaji’s place to have my nashta everyday.

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