Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#StartANewLife: My Way

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Let me share my experience on #StartANewLife in my way. The essence of a true home can be felt while looking at the life of a bird. After a long, tiring day, searching for food it comes back to the nest in the evening to take a rest and be comfortable in its own space. It feels safe and gets the warmth of the nest, away from the dangers of the outside world.

In the same way we can relate our home and family to the nest of a bird. It is the point from where all our daily chores get extended. This is the place where we feel most comfortable, safe and assured. This is most secured place in the world for us. The home actually determines and gives the shape, direction and dimension to our life. So, our home has tremendous importance in our life.

We often underestimate the importance of a home in our life. It is especially true for young people who tend to take everything for granted regarding home matters and cannot feel the true importance of a home. I am not an exceptional by any means and tend to feel in the same way.

I am fortunate to stay at home for the entire duration of my study and never experienced the hostel life or the life outside the home. As a result, I was not aware of the harshness of the outside world away from home. I had taken for granted the home comfort that is so special and is completely missing outside the home.
But, life has changed in the modern world and one must relocate to move ahead in their lives. So, with time I also had to think of relocating to another place away from home in search of a more lucrative and prosperous career.

At first I thought it was not a big deal and everything will be fine. But, when I stepped out of my house and started living in a new city far away from home, I really felt the difference and the comfort I used to get back at home haunted me. Initially I had to stay at the company guest house and hotel rooms for more than six months and it was really #StartANewLife for me.

At that point when I was not getting the right place to live and everybody from my home told me to come back and quit the job as they were also not comfortable living without me. But, I stayed back for the sake of my career and made that my single room home. That room which used to get changed frequently gave me the comfort, security and energy to go ahead in life. It taught me the importance of a house in our life. It showed me how life can be without a home.

Today, I am yet to buy my own house and living in a rented one, but eagerly waiting for the day I will have my own house and have another #StartANewLife moment. The video embedded below from https://housing.com/ gives me more inspiration to #StartANewLife as soon as possible.

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