Saturday, March 14, 2015

The most memorable day of my life #together

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Let me share the most memorable day of my life #together with all my blogger friends. We, human cannot leave alone by tradition and nature. We are social creatures and if we have to leave alone that is the most difficult period of our life. We love family and being #together is the best thing a human can get. Being #together gives us joy, happiness, knowledge, wisdom and above all a sense of security.

The strength and virtue of being #together can be properly felt at the time of distress and crisis when we need it most. I still remember the day when I felt the importance of being #together at the time of crisis in life.

At that time I was away from home as I had to relocate for my first job. I was fortunate not to move out of house before that as I have done my studies at my home town only. So the need to stay outside my house was not necessary and I am not aware of the hostel life. I was fortunate to have all my dear ones and childhood friends always at my side and true sense of being #together was always present.
But, when I was away from my home town with a new job I felt the virtue of being #together in a new way. At the initial stage my job was running smoothly and my colleagues were also very supportive. So, I have not felt any major difficulty staying away from home. In a few months I was able to bring my wife to my work place and life was moving smoothly.

Then after almost one year of service my work started giving problem and life really became miserable for me. Work tension is something which can kill you in the true sense. Initially I thought that it is a passing affair and things will fall back to normal very soon. But, I was wrong and the problem started getting aggravated day by day. I was feeling so helpless in a new town without the comfort of my home town. I had to quit the job and sit home till I find the next one.

That is the time my wife stood beside me like a pillar of support and gave me tremendous strength to fight out the difficult situation with utmost ease. I cannot express in words the amount of support and strength she provided me at that time when I needed it most and there was no other single person present there who could provide me those. This truly enhanced and strengthens the bonding between us like never before and I rediscovered the essence of being #together with my wife. 

With her constant support I was able to overcome those horrifying days and come up with a new job and start my life afresh. I will like to thank my wife for what she did for me. She has truly given me the essence of being #together. That was indeed the most memorable day in my life. Thank you my love. 

Image Courtesy: CC0 Public Domain
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