Thursday, July 7, 2016

These Engineers Have Become Scrap Dealers for a Reason and They Are Making Money

You may need a scrap dealer in various circumstances – be it cleaning up your home, shifting houses or simply getting rid of unwanted stuffs and have some much needed space. However, getting one at your doorstep is not that easy. Thanks to the idea from a Dehradun based engineering student, now you can find a scrap dealer whenever and wherever needed.

Mohneesh, 20-year-old computer engineering student who found an opportunity for himself as well as for people wanting to get rid of their junk. The idea struck him around six months ago when he was about to leave his hostel during the semester break. He observed that a lot of scraps and unwanted stuffs are left behind by many students, such as books, packing materials, newspapers etc. These staffs will either be dumped in dustbins or get spoiled or the college authority will sell them.

That very moment Mohneesh Bhardwaj, the founder of, a Dehradun-based free door-to-door scrap material pick up service, had decided to cash on these scraps in a smarter way.

Mohneesh was joined by his friend Ashish Yadav and they further researched on the opportunities and situation of scraps in households, offices and other possible places across Dehradun. They found that the scenario is similar to their hostels in many places in Dehradun and getting rid of scrap is a real problem. People just do not have any way of dealing with this problem immediately.

Thus, Mohneesh and Ashish, both second year students of computer science engineering at Dehradun Institute of Technology, decided to launch to solve this problem.

Their website works similar to popular Apps for cab booking across cities. First, they divided the city into different territories and started collaborating with the local scrap dealers. Thus, the customers can now easily contact the scrap dealers using the website while the local dealers are getting more business. Customers can also contact the dealers using WhatsApp or phone call. Whenever the users convey that they need to sell scrap, the scrap dealers nearest to the customers get notified and reach them as soon as possible.

Moreover, these scrap dealers registered with come with proper uniform and electronic weighing machines. They have a standardized rate for purchasing scraps (higher than the current market rates – as per Kabaada). The dealers pay 20% commission to Kabaada and process the scraps. Kabaada takes everything, right from plastic and e-waste to iron or aluminium goods.

Currently, 25 scrap dealers in Dehradun get associated with Kabaada and they are planning to make things even better by providing the customers with printed bills and a toll free number. They are even planning to set up a recycling plant in Dehradun. Kabaada got a lot of media attention right from its launch on September 15, 2015 making the website an instant hit.

Another Delhi based friend joined Mohneesh and Ashish in their endeavours and they are soon planning to extend their business in NCR (national capital region). They are also getting frequent requests from other parts of the country to set up similar services.

This unique initiative from Mohneesh is all set to reach every city in India. Meanwhile, people from Dehradun can only click or message from home and get rid of their scrap in a smarter way.

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