Thursday, June 2, 2016

Know These 5 Signs If You Are Suffering from Anaemia

When you are suffering from anaemia that means your blood is deficient of adequate amount of normal red blood cells (RBCs) or haemoglobin. When your haemoglobin is low it fails to bind enough oxygen thereby causing various diseases. Whereas iron deficiency anaemia is most common, there are certain other conditions associated with animals, including chronic red blood cell destruction, vitamin B12 deficiency, aplastic anaemia, chronic lead poisoning.
There are some factors that might severely affect the production of red blood cells. These are like certain autoimmune disorders, history of some infections, alcoholism and certain medications.
Given below are some of the warning symptoms that may indicate anaemic conditions:


One of the most common symptoms of anaemia is fatigue. When your body lacks sufficient amount of haemoglobin then the ability of blood to supply enough oxygen to the brain, muscles, heart, tissues decreases, thereby reducing your energy level and making you feel exhausted.

Rapid or irregular Heart Beat

Irregular or rapid (tachycardia) heart beat is often associated with anaemia.  Due to lack of adequate blood cells the normal level of oxygen decreases. To recompense oxygen deficiency in the blood the heart starts pumping faster than normal. This may sometimes become a serious condition leading to heart failure.


Anaemia is not directly responsible for insomnia i.e. the lack of ability to fall asleep, however, may sometimes affect the normal level of sleep. Individuals with anaemia often develop a condition known as restless legs syndrome. This disorder may sometimes cause insomnia in the affected individuals. If you are suffering from any such conditions try green leafy vegetables like spinach etc., which may help improve sleep.

Inability to Concentrate

Fresh oxygen is extremely important for brain functioning. If you are suffering from anaemia then you are deprived of the required quantity of blood binding carrying oxygen to your brain. Due to the oxygen deficiency in your brain becomes exhausted and loses its ability to function normally thereby hampering your ability to concentrate.


Anaemia reduces the amount of oxygen reaching brain, leaving it hypooxigenated. This deficiency of oxygen in the brain may cause an arterial inflammation of the respective area, leading to conditions of headache.

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