Friday, August 21, 2015

Enjoying Airtel 4G: The Fastest Network Ever

In today’s world a fast internet connection is a must and with every passing day its importance is getting bigger and bigger. With the fast lifestyle we lead today, the time is very short and we have to complete as much work as possible in whatever time we manage from our busy schedules. This further signifies the requirement of a high speed internet. The ever increasing contents of different webpage also demand a speedy internet connection. Moreover, we tend to spend a lot on our gadgets with an enhanced specification. But, end of the day if we do not have a good internet connection their performance will also hamper. In other words the sophisticated gadgets deserve a better internet connection.

Airtel 4G: The Fastest Network Ever

Here comes Airtel with its new 4G services that is the fastest internet connection available in India. Airtel has always come up with quality services since its launch and never disappointed its customers with its services. So, when I heard about the launch of 4G services from Airtel, I was eager to have a taste of it and I definitely have high expectations from it as well.

Available at 3G Price

Currently Airtel 4G has been launched in 296 cities across India and this is the first and currently only 4G connection available in India. The best possible thing regarding Airtel 4G is that you can get and maintain an Airtel 4G connection at the price of the 3G connection from the same company. So, if you are thinking that Airtel 4G will be expensive then please be assured that you do not have to pay anything more than you are paying now. Just enjoy the speed.

It’s just a tweet away (#GetAirtel4G @airtelindia)

The next thing to consider is the availability of the product. You may be thinking that the installation of the Airtel 4G may take a lot of time. But, in reality it is a completely hassle free process. The good thing is that you do not have to worry about it at all as getting an Airtel 4G SIM is just a tweet away. Yes, you read it right. Indeed, it is a tweet away. You can also request for it in the Airtel 4G website. The three things you need to get started with Airtel 4G is Airtel 4G devices with 4G SIM and an activated 3G data pack. The delivery of the SIM is also free at your home address.

Now comes the fun part. What will I do after getting the Airtel 4G connection? Experiencing the high speed network of Airtel 4G during my daily work itself is a lot for me. Additionally, I will enjoy the service for the following reasons:-

  • Watching live streaming of sports action without has those frustrating pauses 
  • Downloading and watching movie instantly (no need to wait for ages for the movie to get downloaded and often it means there is no time to watch the movie)
  • Same thing goes for songs as well. I can just tune in for my favorite song whenever I get time
  • Spending my pass time by playing, some online games may be that I dare not with my current connection 

I am sure once I get it there will be lot other things that I may do that at current internet speed I will never try. So, friends just get your 4G SIM today, and enjoy the new generation of internet speed in India.

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