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HydroJal Plus: The Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water
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Water is the basic ingredient of life. Every living creature needs water to sustain life. In other words life is not possible without water. For proper hydration of our body cells, we must add fresh water at regular intervals. Our body is made up of different ingredients of which 80% is nothing but water. This is amazing indeed and this also explains the massive importance of healthy water in our daily life. It is needed for every vital function in our body, including the basic chemical reactions, digestion and absorption of nutrients. It also maintains the flexible nature of the blood vessels and proper circulation of blood throughout the body. It also removes toxic substances from the digestive track and maintains body temperature.

The importance of hydration

As over 80% of cellular constituents is made of water a mere drop in body fluids of about 5% can result in a total loss of nearly 20 to 25% of energy in our body. This loss will certainly have a significant impact in our body functions. All the metabolic reactions in our body depend highly on water and dehydrated conditions considerably slows down the metabolism rate and produce several adverse conditions that may include constipation, dry skin/ eyes, fatigue, headache, digestive irritation, obesity, bulimia and so on. So, having adequate amount of water every day makes your life healthy, full of energy and vigor. 

A healthy adult needs to have at least 3 to 4 liters of fresh water every day (water means water and no other liquid beverages). In fact, one liter of water is required for every 18 Kg of body weight.

What if we do not take enough water every day?

If we continue to have less water for a longer period our cells will suffer chronic dehydration leading to serious problems including a weakened immune system, constipation, dry and rough skin and vulnerability to various diseases. The condition is worse in the summer time when the hot water demands more water to keep our body temperature stable.

Only fresh water can add up as water

Another important aspect is that it is very essential to use pure water as the source of water in our body. We often have a misconception of using other drinks and beverages as a substitute for water. But, it simply does not work. Both cold and hot beverages such as coffee, tea, cold drinks and alcohols in reality do not add water to our body or rather they steal it, as additional water is needed for their digestion. 

The Acidic Water and the Modern Lifestyle: Its adverse effect

Our modern lifestyle contributes to an acidic environment in our system. The fast paced life, especially in urban area makes us take a lot of processed food and drinks full of constituents that will eventually form acid in our body. These items include sweets, soft drinks, alcohol, pasta, breads, pizza, fast foods from street vendors, chips, meats, food with trans fat, refined food, dairy products, etc. These daily food habits give a lot of strain in our body to maintain the pH balance at a range of 7.3 (a slight alkaline range).

These acidic foods make the pH lower in the acidic region that causes numerous problems such as fatigue, heartburn, pain in muscles, headache, depression, constipation, low immunity leading to viral and fungal infection, a bad metallic taste in our mouth and much more.

The limitations of water purifiers

Nowadays we all prefer to use purified water as drinking water and nearly all of us use some sort of water purifiers in our homes and office to get drinking water. This is because we all are aware of the adverse effects of drinking unfiltered water for prolonged periods (the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, dioxins, fluoride, chlorines can badly affect our health). But, we may not know that drinking purified water is also dangerous for certain reasons. Drinking over purified drinking water is dangerous because of the fact that it does not contain the essential minerals and trace elements (like sodium, chlorides, potassium, magnesium etc.). These minerals are needed by our system and their deficiencies cause irregular heart rates and high blood pressure. Moreover, the minerals are required for proper absorption of the vitamins we consume.

Cooking with pure water lowers the mineral contents within the food and purified waters are always acidic as they tend to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Overall purified water is good for a short duration when we are sick and need over purified water till we get well as it is providing the benefits of cleaner water free of pathogenic microorganisms and harmful chemicals.  But, continuing to have purified water for a longer period has many potential dangers as already discussed.

Alkaline water: The Solution

The best way to combat the current situation is to have alkaline water on a regular basis. Remember that whatever medicines or supplements you take all need a fluid medium to get absorbed into your system and perform its task and that fluid medium is nothing but water. Instead of taking preventive measures our tendency is to consult a doctor and take medicines when something goes wrong. Drinking water is the last thing that may come to our mind as a solution.

It has been noted that people are usually 80% acidic and only 20% alkaline. This acidic nature of our body is the root cause of almost every possible illness. A more alkaline a person is the healthier the person is. Eating a good vegetarian diet is a solution, but still we need to cut down the amount of acidic foods to remain alkaline. So, to keep our body alkaline we need to take alkaline water (not neutral or acidic water) to counter the acidic environment in our body and make it acid free.

Alkaline water can really make the difference. This is the reason why in old days people used to travel in hilly regions to have mineral rich spring water to revive themselves after prolonged illness. This was a routine advice from the doctors as well. Now the alkaline water is the closest you can get to the spring water. It will also help with nutrition by allowing proper digestion of food materials we consume and there are no problems of malabsorption, indigestion or inflammation of gastrointestinal track.

Regular consumption of alkaline water will remove problems like diabetes, asthma, hypertension, allergies, osteoporosis and many such diseases that take place in adult human being. When we were born our body is predominantly alkaline and we are devoid of these diseases.

Alkaline Water
Image Courtesy: Hydro Jal-Plus, Hindustan
Benefits of Alkaline and Antioxidant reach water from Hydrojal Plus

The key benefits of using Alkaline water are:-
  • Keep the degenerative diseases under control
  • Get rid of the acidic environment in our body
  • Provides adequate amount of alkaline minerals at extremely low cost
  • Alkaline ionized water is free from pathogenic microorganisms, rich in oxygen and has more hydration capacity
  • Acts as antioxidant, restores the proper function of pancreas and removes problems of constipation
  • A natural way of losing weight is to have alkaline water
  • Improves our immunity, thus increase body’s resistance against diseases
  • Improves the condition and feel of our hairs and nails
  • According to Dr. Otto Hienrich Warburg Cancerous tissues are Acidic and Healthy tissues are Alkaline

It is quite clear by now that alkaline water is essential and extremely beneficial for our health. There are mainly two ways of making alkaline water in our daily life. Either we have to add certain chemicals to change the structure of the water we are taking or we have to increase the concentration of hydrogen ions in water by using an alkaline water ionizer. Both these methods have their own merits and demerits. Let us have a look on the basic methods of getting alkaline water.
  • Use of Alkaline Sticks: They are composed minerals coated with natural ceramics with an outside layer made of stainless steel (surgical grade). Once you insert the stick inside a bottle of drinking water the stick turns it to alkaline water in few minutes. It is a good solution of having alkaline water while travelling, but it is not a filter and only makes the water alkaline without purifying it.
  • The addition of lemon juice: A nice cheap and easy way to make your drinking water alkaline is to add half a lemon in one liter of drinking water. It sounds odd to use lime (which is acidic) to make the water alkaline. But, in reality the alkaline minerals present in lime act similarly after consumption and helps your body to get the alkaline effect. The only problem is that it is not practically possible for anyone to prepare a bottle of drinking water spiked with lemon every time you are thinking of having some water. It is a good short term solution, but cannot be a permanent one. Moreover, you still need a water purifier to get the clean water.
  • The pH Drops: Acts similarly to the alkaline sticks, where you have to add it to a glass of water making it more alkaline. Like alkaline sticks it cannot be a long time solution and is good during travelling.
  • Adding alkaline minerals: Addition of the required minerals to make the drinking water alkaline is theoretically possible, but has no practical applicability.
  • Use of Alkaline Jugs: Alkaline Jugs have a basic filtering system that removes some substances that are harmful (not the heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides) along with the chamber consisting of minerals to increase the pH of the water. It can also be regarded as a good short time solution especially during travelling.

Alkaline Water Ionizer 

The ideal way of getting alkaline drinking water in daily life is to have an alkaline water ionizer in the home. The alkaline water ionizer produces alkaline water through ionization that provides some unique benefits like:-
  • Selective pH of the water
  • The water will always have negative ORP value
  • Antioxidant rich water
  • Pure water without any harmful substances of any kind
  • Water with high hydration value (easily absorbed into the cells)

Hydro-Jal Plus: The most advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer in the World

Alkaline Water
Image Courtesy: Hydro Jal-Plus, Hindustan
When it comes to the selection of the best and most competent Alkaline Water Ionizer on the market, the Hydro-Jal Plus is definitely the choice with its unique advanced technology at affordable price and stylish as well as compact design.

The detailed specifications of Hydro-Jal Plus are:-
  • Easy installation on counter top
  • Water can flow in continuous mode
  • Filtration and complete purification of water
  • Biggest ionization plates with platinum coat
  • Easier control with large touch screen LED control panel
  • Carbon filter with felt fiber granulated powder
  • Auto shut off for inflow, overheat or overflow
  • Low weight (3.62 Kg) with compact dimension (13, 8.5 & 4.3 inches in height, width & depth respectively)
  • Options of having two acidic, five alkaline and neutral pH of water
  • Made with imported materials (parts from Japan, USA and Korea)
  • Cleans the tank after every use
  • Indicator to indicate the necessity of changing the filter
  • Gives up to 3 liters of water per minute
  • Stylish design with voice announcement facility
  • Advanced high quality electronic controls
  • Easy installation process
  • All the water fittings made of stainless steel

Alkaline Water
Image Courtesy: Hydro Jal-Plus, Hindustan
The benefits of alkaline water from Hydro-Jal Plus is too much to ignore. The alkaline water will slow down your aging, remove the harmful toxic elements from your body, increase your concentration level, energies you, give you stamina, give you a peaceful sleep experience, reduce pains in muscles and joints, make you lose extra weight, boost up your immunity, improve overall metabolism and digestion process, remove constipation, lessen the lactic acid production (so no cramps during hard work and exercising), give proper hydration with no feeling of bloating, increase the capacity of absorbing vital nutrients and give the ideal taste of water.

So, just call for a free demo of Hydro-Jal Plus in your home and get your home drinking water acidic level tested as well.


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