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How to increase road safety in India

How to increase road safety in India
India has progressed towards becoming a developed country since the onset of globalization. The economic stability and growth associated with globalization made it possible for many Indian citizens to afford cars and bikes for their personal use and increase their mobility and speed on the roads. This also results in several multinational companies and manufacturers of motor vehicles to establish their factories in India. But, an increase in the number of vehicles on the road demands better quality of roads and associated infrastructures so that road safety is maintained. A densely populated country like India needs good quality roads and supported infrastructures to connect important cities, thus contributing to the development of the country.
Death due to road accident is a major problem in India. It is a serious global issue, but in India the problem is much more severe in comparison to any developed country. Since we are thriving to become a developed nation in the near future, we cannot neglect road safety by any means. Transport through road is the most dangerous and complex systems that people have to face every day.  Every year, more than a million people die due to road accidents and the number of casualties is increasing day by day. When it comes to the premature deaths of adults, road accident stands second with HIV/AIDS are the first.

Now, what should India do to improve the current situation? There are a number of issues that should be addressed immediately to improve the road safety issues of India. The safety issue is always neglected in our country as we continued to fail to give value to human. In every aspect of road safety, we are lagging a long way behind in comparison to the developed nations. The conditions are especially pathetic in rural areas and small towns. We really have to make a lot of improvement in various sectors.

Let us look into some of the important steps that should be implemented and most importantly followed to reduce road accidents and increase road safety while driving.

Improvement of the Road Condition

The condition of the roads contributes a lot towards the road accidents. Bad roads with potholes invariably welcome troubles and are highly accident prone. A well maintained road can make driving a lot safer.

Installation of good quality street lights

Many accidents occur due to less visibility in the night or foggy day. Proper illumination of the busy streets can prevent a lot of accidents.

Installation of signalling at the right places

Appropriate use of signal system increases the road safety by many folds.

Speed reduction

Driving at extreme speeds on unsuitable roads (most Indian roads are truly unsuitable for high speed driving) means taking extreme risks for both yourself and others on the road. Speed increases the chance of an accident as well as the consequence of it. Maintaining steady and safe speed of the vehicles by enforcing speed limit is of utmost importance.

Improving the alignment of the roads and building lanes for overtaking

Removal of illegal constructions across roads to increase road area

Installation of railway crossing signals at every level crossing (Many accidents occur due to unmanned railway crossing)

Installation of an under or overpasses for pedestrian crossing at extremely busy road crossings and make people use them. If not possible, at least making pedestrian crossing with signals and building an island for pedestrians is necessary.

Enforcing the laws

We Indians make laws with minimum implementation. We all are extremely careless about our own safety and often ignores them completely. Enforcing the laws like wearing seat belts and helmets, not to use distraction like mobile phones while driving, drink driving etc. should be stringently implemented.

Self awareness

Nothing could make us safe if we continue to ignore our own safety.

How to increase road safety in India

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