Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A clean shaven face reveals a cleaner you

Though the art of shaving had been discovered by the Stone Age men in 30,000 BC there are still two groups of men, one who shaves regularly and the other who do not.  Irrespective of whether we shave daily or not this is a much talked about topic in a men's gathering. But, there are always supporters and followers of both the groups. It is really hard to choose between them.  However, I must add that regular shaving has many advantages over the irregular shaving habit and one should always stick to a daily shaving routine.

Shaving makes a person more graceful and creates the best impression to others. Shaving gives a cleaner and when you have an important task in hand an unclean look always bears a repelling feeling to others. It adds to your style and personality, especially the opposite sex. Moreover, it has some added advantages as listed below: -

  • Regular shaving is helpful if you have too much facial hair or have a shortage of it. If there is excess facial hair growth, then regular shaving will make you more elegant and give you a fresh look. It also helps in preventing acne and skin problems. On the other hand, if you have less facial hair than regular shaving may increase it (though there is scientific proof of it) or at the best people will not notice the shortage of facial hair.
  • Regular shaving removes the dead skin from the top layer. The shaving gel or foam along with the massaging effect of the razor is really good for your skin. In addition, all the shaving foams usually contain some form of antiseptics which makes your facial skin safer against potential germs. So apart from giving you a fresher look regular shaving also protects you from skin infections and acne.
  • White-collar jobs require you to maintain a smart, fresh and clean look at every instance. A daily shaving habit will just provide you that. It will give you an attractive and active look. After all, first impression is the last impression. You will look more reliable and admirable in your meetings. Irregular shaving will just have the opposite effect.
  • Regular shaving makes you look younger and more eye-catching to the opposite sex. Women usually prefer men with cleaner looks and without any facial hair. Scientifically it has been proved that regular shaving works as an aphrodisiac for both men and women.
  • Regular shaving is also a very healthy custom as it prevents the formation of ingrown hair, hair drag and skin problems due to sweat (especially in summer). Facial hair also causes irritation.

So, if your skin is not too sensitive (regular shaving on highly sensitive skin causes adverse effects and skin rashes) daily shaving should be a wise decision. A clean shaven face reveals a cleaner you.

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