Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My evening with Bacardi Breezer Orange: had a gala time

Though I am not a regular drinker, I am still passionate about my drink and tend to be very choosy. Bacardi is definitely among the brands I like most and again not many guys have the experience of sharing his thoughts about his alcohol in writing, that too with the opportunity to win some more of it. So when Bacardi came up with this really idea of conducting a contest on sharing about one's experience of having Bacardi Breezer, I just could not resist taking part in it.  Though I am an occasional drinker, still I always prefer a stronger drink. I still really wanted to go with Bacardi Breezer to have a feel of it. It is also not getting heavy on my pocket @ Rs. 70/- per bottle. Moreover it is also available in my favorite orange flavor (I always have the fascination for the orange flavor started with the orange candy in my childhood days) to give the additional boost. Apart from the flavor and taste I also like the bright shade of orange which always enlightens my mood and gives a lot of positive energy. So I stacked my fridge with some of them i.e. Bacardi Breezer Orange (six to be particular) before heading for my office.
Bacardi Breezer
Bacardi Breezer Orange
I really found it hard to pass the office hours due to the excitement of having them in the evening. Even the dullest assignments in the office seemed to be so exciting. I preferred to have it all alone as I wanted to relish the flavor properly that may help me with the write up later. I also chose the day when I will be alone at home with my wife in her mother’s place.
So I literally rushed back home to savor my Bacardi Breezer.  On the way back I did not forget to take some snacks (chicken and some Bengali bhujia) to spice up the matter. Soon came that auspicious moment for which I was waiting eagerly. The first gulp had really rekindled my energy and soaked my day long tiredness. I was feeling amazingly refreshed. The orange flavor gone so well with Bacardi! People usually associate sweetness with orange flavor, but with Bacardi Breezer orange I got a nice tangy taste with a hint of sweetness which goes perfectly with the drink and its purpose. It really has the bite. Bacardi Breezer is no doubt a classy drink and I completely got hooked to its seductive aroma and flavor. I got totally engrossed in it and when the last bottle ended, I was cursing myself for not buying. May be it is a blessing in disguise and now I made it a point to buy limited Bacardi Breezer. This is my suggestion to my readers also, as it is almost impossible to resist the taste of Bacardi Breezer. As I am not a regular drinker I got a little tipsy and decided to have a light dinner and then got into a deep slumber.
Bacardi Breezer
 The best thing is that when I wake up in the next morning I felt so relaxed and full of energy. I was feeling amazing while taking my shower with my favorite tangy taste of the orange flavor still fresh in my mind. It felt so refreshing. The best and surprising part is the fact that there was nothing like a hangover or anything. This only emphasizes the quality of the drink and there is no question about it.

Bacardi Breezer

As a result I immediately planned my next session the very next day and this time I bought two more bottles to satisfy my quench for Bacardi Breezer Orange (forgetting my previous night thought of buying limited numbers). We men never get satisfied with the quantity of drinks and as long it is not harming anybody, it is fine. So I really had a great boozing time with my Bacardi Breezer orange. Opening a bottle of Bacardi Breezer Orange is like plunging into the warmth of nature after spending a hard day in the concrete jungle. Bacardi Breezer Orange, you rock.

Bacardi Breezer

This Post was written for the Catch The Flavor Contest Hosted by Bacardi on IndiBlogger

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