Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Me and my tablet: the better way

Everybody knows that you have endless possibilities with your Lenovo Yoga Tablet. Irrespective of your interests or profession, a tablet is the perfect friend you have always longed for. My tablet is a great companion. It is the ideal platform for expressing my creativeness in creative art, helps me go through the daily news or e-books and even helps me in my research works. Off-course I can also do some social media and pass time by playing some quick yet interesting games. If I think back and take a peek at my previous life without my tablet it definitely look grim. It appears that life is quite impossible without my Tablet. Now exactly how my tablet shapes up my daily life and helps to make it better and more convenient.

Online Shopping
Online shopping has made my life really cool and it goes perfectly with a tablet. Now I can order my necessity from the convenience of my tablet anytime. Opening hours and locations are no longer constrains. The 3G connection/Wi-Fi made it more convenient. It also saves me from other hassles of shopping and lastly no more forgetting, I can shop just before heading for the bed.

Information, research, hobbies and news
Never before browsing the internet for gathering my favourite news, information on my research topics or hobbies had been so easier. It is fun as well. I can just sit back and relax on my sofa with my tablet in my lap. Flicking through the important news and information with simple touches really make life super cool.

Business information
Successful modern business depends heavily on correct information at the right moment and also on the speed at which you can acquire it. My lightweight slim tablet with the right internet connectivity just provides me that. I can put and store huge amounts of data in my tablet along with various useful softwares and applications. Unlike my laptop I can use it conveniently at difficult situations.

Movies and Videos
The best thing my tablet provides me is the crystal clear touchscreen which gives me the best viewing pleasure when I opt to watch my favourite movies and videos. Now I can watch them on the go as well. A good tablet is never completed without a flawless screen and audio sensation.

Tablets with high end technology can produce really exceptional sound quality to give you ultimate music sensation.

Live streaming of my favourite shows and sports
Now with my tablet along I never miss my favourite TV shows and more importantly the live sports (cricket in particular).
The unlimited Apps
My tablet is packed with various Apps and hundreds to thousands Apps are there free to download as per wish to live simple and exciting. Life has really changed.

The ideal vacation companion
Apart from being the best tool for my daily life, my tablet is an ideal vacation companion especially when I have to travel all alone. With all the application, sleek design and long-lasting battery backup, it is the ideal vacation companion indeed.

The new Lenovo Yoga Tablet with hold, tilt and stand usage mode and marathon battery life will deliver these needs a far better way no doubt. It has everything a good tablet should have (Processor: MTK 8125 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 (1.20GHz 533MHz 1MB); Operating system: Android 4.2; great display; 1 GB Memory and 16-32 GB hard drive are just ideal).

This Post is for the Yoga Tablet A #Betterway is here Contest Hosted by Lenovo on IndiBlogger.


  1. Tablets have become everyday part of life, very well put across with pictures.

    1. Thank you Indrani.......... Tablet has now become an essential commodity....

  2. The debate does convert the offline fans into online addicts... interesting post.

    Arvind Passey

  3. Great.. you have a good list for the tab manufacturers... :)

    1. Haha......... Thank you Prasad....................

  4. Excellent post Debopam..all the best !

  5. Loved your blog post :)
    All the best!!

  6. True that using a tablet is MUCH easier than using a laptop
    Well written
    GOOD lck

    1. Yes indeed.......... thank you Afshan........................


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