Monday, July 4, 2016

How to Prepare Yourself for Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Programs

Are you trying hard to lose weight but unable to compromise on your appetite? Here are some of the simple tricks to prepare your mind and body to shed some of your extra pounds.

Stay hydrated to lose calories

Drink water and lose calories! If you drink enough water your appetite gets suppressed to a certain extent, thereby curbing your food intake. When you stay hydrated you get confused about being hungry or thirsty and you tend to avoid overeating. This helps burn extra calories. Several researches demonstrated that nearly 40-45% weight loss is possible for an obese individual who drink water ahead of meals compared to those who don’t.

If you don’t get the urge to drink more water than required to just rein in your thirst, you could simply make water refreshing by adding in some fresh mint or a couple of orange slices or fresh lime juice.

Eat every bite and relish the taste

Enjoy every bit of the food you eat and chew the whole bite. This allows chary eating that cuts down your calorie intake. While you slow down your bites you are aware of your sensations of hunger and sufficiency thereby being able to control your ingestion. You should always target at least 20 minutes to finish up your meals.

Sniff to lose weight

Sniffing aroma to curb calories is quite interesting! There are certain fragrances which, if you smell affect your brain’s chemistry and suppress the amount serotonin thereby curbing your appetite. You can smell lemon that fastens your rate of metabolism, hence burning more calories. The smell of vanilla is also effectively cuts down calories by reducing the craving for chocolates or sweets. The aromas from banana, green apple peppermint, etc. are also quite useful in reducing weight.

Try smaller spoons and dishes

Use small-sized dishes, spoons or cups just to frame up your mind into realizing that you’re having a surplus, in so doing reduce your share in a great way. Make use of small bowls or plates regularly and to your surprise, you will find yourself serving and eating a lesser amount. Smaller sized spoons, bowls or dishes gives you a sensation of plenty, thereby making you feel satisfied of having enough.

Brush your teeth before going to bed

Doing your teeth at night is usually the last thing that you accomplish before you sleep and this indicates that you will not eat anything further. Also the taste of the toothpaste remains in your mouth after brushing and this effectively restrains the urge to eat. Brushing trims down your temptation to eat all over again.

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  1. Staying away from junk and oily food can very well take you on the right path towards losing your weight in the best way. It should be well supported with sufficient work outs and exercises.

    1. Yes indeed... That is the best way to deal with this global problem... Thanks for sharing your opinion.....


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