Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How the Delicious Cashew Nuts Can Also Be Great for Your Health

Cashew Nuts

Cashew – a nut rich in minerals is a popular ingredient in many Indian recipes. Cashew nut has a great shelf life with multiple uses. But, do you know the major health benefits of cashew nuts? Here are some amazing significances of cashew nut:

Healthy Heart

Cashew nuts have been considered beneficial for controlling various disorders, one of the major one being heart disease. The nut has remarkably lowers cholesterol and controls oxidative stress, vascular reactivity swelling or tenderness. Cashews help increase HDL or ‘good cholesterol’ that is responsible for absorbing the excess body cholesterol and lowers LDL or ‘bad cholesterol’.
You can add a fistful of the nut to your low-fat diet each day and make your heart stronger. But, always stick to unoiled and unsalted nuts. Cashew nuts are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, fibres; antioxidants hence protect you from respiratory diseases, heart ailments and also prevent cancer.

Safeguards Your Eyes

In today’s stressful and polluted world your eyes being highly sensitive, suffers the most. You can protect your valuable eyes from the harmful environmental conditions by consuming cashew nuts on a regular basis, since these nuts are loaded with zea-xanthin, a potent antioxidant pigment. The retina of your eyes directly absorbs this pigment which prevents the harmful UV rays. Besides, a little amount of this pigment also checks macular degeneration in aged people thereby keeping the eyes healthy.

Checks blood-related diseases

Cashew nuts are rich in copper that is responsible for elimination of free radicals. If you are suffering from copper deficiency make sure to add cashew nuts to your regular diet, since copper helps prevent iron deficiency and hence anaemia. Consumption of these nuts can protect you from many blood-related diseases.

Nourishes hair and skin

Are you tired of having dull, dry, frizzy and intolerable hair? Apply cashew oil to your scalp and get a silky-smooth and shiny hair that you will love to have. Basically, cashew nut oil is rich in copper that aids in the synthesis of a hair pigment known as melanin. These nuts are also rich source of linoleic acids that maintains hair colour and provides a smooth hair texture. Apart from hair, cashew nut oils being enriched with iron, selenium, phosphorous, zinc and also proteins and phytochemicals, nourishes your skin.  Besides being important for your skin, cashew nut also prevents cancer.

Reduces Weight

Do you know that cashew nuts regulate weight loss? It has been found that individuals who are including these nuts in their regular diet in moderate amount are losing weight faster than those who are not. It has been established by several researchers that consumption of cashew nuts has nothing to do with weight gain. Instead, various evidences demonstrated that people who are consuming these nuts are showing lower BMI. These nuts are enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids that are known to enhance the body’s metabolic rate, hence burning extra fat. If you are tending to lose weight, but also can’t afford to stop snacking out, just go for cashew nuts and keep yourself fit and healthy.

Rich in dietary Fibres

Are you suffering from digestive disorders? Add cashew nuts to your regular dietary regime and relieve yourself from several digestive problems. These nuts are rich in two most essential dietary fibres, palmitic and oleic acid. These fibres help in proper digestion of food, but given that your body is unable to synthesize these fibres, so it is necessary to consume a moderate amount of cashew nuts on a daily basis. However, you must stay away from excess intake of these nuts to avoid flatulence and bloating.

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