Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Amazing: Four Engineering Students Created a Air Compressed Car Costing Rs 15 Thousand Only

Air Compressed Car

Four Engineering students from Rajkot; Kishan Pansuria, Kalpesh Kotdia, Akshay Hadwani and Nishit Sortia developed an air-driven car costing only 15 thousand rupees . After filling the tank once with air the car can be run over a distance of 900 meters.

No Need of petrol or diesel

The four, eight semester, students from The Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology College, Rajkot made the compressed air-powered car that will run without petrol, diesel or electricity.

How they made it

These four students of engineering used old bike engine to make this air-powered car by improving the air tank mechanism of the engine. This innovative car model costs only Rs 15 thousand.

The post first appeared in KenFolios - Only interesting stories.

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