Sunday, May 15, 2016

Discover India`s Unique Regional Pickles on Placeoforigin.In

Placeoforigin.In is India`s 1st marketplace for specialty & ethnic Indian foods. You can get iconic regional specialties directly from the original producer to the end-consumer, so that the product is the most fresh possible. has a range of Indian sweets, chocolates, namkeen, biscuits, pickles, preserves, staples, tea, coffee and health food to attract every palate.

We Indians love pickles and often all we need is some pickles to lighten up our dishes, be it at lunch time or at the dinner table. We grown up having them daily and every meal seems incomplete without some pickles. However, the art of making pickles in home had faded with current lifestyles and time crunch. Variety of pickles are available in offline stores though, but they often fail to deliver the same aroma and flavor we used to have with the home made version. has resolved this issue by not only making the pickles available at online stores (thus one can order it with ease and comfort), but also providing the same authentic taste. has the widest range of specialty pickles available online:
The range of pickles include:

  • Panipat`s famous Achar pachranga
  • Seafood pickles from Karma Foods, Goa
  • South Indian style pickles from Mambalam Iyers, Chennai
  • Spicy Andhra Chicken and Mutton pickles from Baria Foods, Secunderabad
  • Mango Kasundi from Malda in West Bengal
  • Gujarati pickles from Girivar Agro in Junagadh
  • Fiery Himalayan Chukh from Himachal Pradesh
  • Tasty spreads from Dibs Mash, Delhi 
  • And lots more !


With effect from May 16, 2016, launches a special Summer offer with FREE SHIPPING on all pickles. That means, you can get your favourite pickles delivered direct from the original producer to your doorstep. We deliver in 20 states across India.

Visit to discover India`s finest foods. The range of pickles can be found here.

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