Wednesday, May 18, 2016

At 14, Remya Won National Invention Award But Has No Place In India Now

Remya Jose is someone from whom we can learn how to turn hardships into achievements. It was a tough life for her when she was in STD 10 as her parents fell seriously ill and had to undergo medical treatment.

To reach to her school, she had to change three buses costing her more than four hours every day. On the top of it, her twin sister and she were doing laundry for everyone manually which kept them further away from studying. With rising medical bills at home, wanting a washing machine was just wishful thinking. But Remya was cooler and smarter than that. She made herself a washing machine during summer vacations!

Remya (now 21) got her machine patented with the support from the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) in 2003. She received the best innovation award in 2005 at the NIF’s Third National Grassroots Technological Innovations and Traditional Knowledge competition (among 25,000 competitors).

However, these feats did not change Ramya’s life. Her innovation did not have the desired market and was not considered commercially viable. However, with careful designing her innovation could have been useful in rural homes as well as in laundries where electricity is a daily problem.

Unable to find a good job in India, this gem of a girl is working in UAE today. When we as a country are failing such an innovative and talented youth, can we really complain that there has been no single groundbreaking innovation from India in the last 60 years?

Think about it as you watch Remya’s amazing invention when she was still in school. Truly inspirational!

This article was first published in KenFolios - Only Interesting Stories.

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