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Simply be Happy

Simply be Happy
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Let me share the simple things that make me happy. Happiness is something that is essential in life and you will not have to do a lot to feel a bit happier. It has been scientifically proved that simple things in daily life can make a person happier and turn his or her life more enjoyable. Every person has some simple tasks in life that can make them happier. These things will definitely vary from person to person and no one can predict and understand the happiness of another person over some simple things in daily life. As for me, I will now share some of the simple things that make me really feel happy.


Having a good workout always makes me happier. It is always difficult to manage a good workout every day because of the busy schedule we all have. Whenever I miss my workout I feel somewhat dejected internally and its affect my daily work. On the other hand, when I could manage to do the workout I feel so energetic and happy that my performance in other areas of life improves a lot.


A good tight sleep always makes me happy the next day. I feel so refreshed and feel ready to take on anything (difficult assignments) at my work place. It’s not the duration of sleep that I am talking about. A sound sleep is what I am pointing at.

Relaxing with family

This is something I really cherish and most of us will do the same I am sure. But, nowadays the problem is that finding the relaxed time is getting difficult day by day. Even if I am with my family, my mind is not always free from the work tension. So it is a rare occasion when I can really enjoy with my family with a free mind and I really feel happy to do that.

Spending some time with old friends

Getting in touch with old friends (childhood friends) is another thing that makes me feel very happy. Most of the old friends now settle in different parts of the world with various professions. So meeting with them is often a chanced situation after many years. So no doubt meeting them is something I really feel happy about.

Planning a vacation trip

I am not telling about the trip itself, but the planning of the trip before that trip. It really gives me a lot of pleasure and happiness while planning for a possible trip on a vacation. It feels so exciting to decide the place, book the hotels, arranging the vehicles or booking the tickets, making a list of things to take, packing the bags and so on. I love every bit of it.

Having some soft drinks

This is something I really love to have any time on a day whenever I feel stressed out. It works like a magic for me, I feel energized and happy within minutes. Soft drinks with cola flavor will be ideal.

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