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Best memory cards that come handy

Best memory cards that come handy
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We usually get confused while selecting the best memory card to buy. There are simply so many options and parameters presented that it is very difficult to judge the best memory card according to our need. The problem gets aggravated if you are not a tech guy. The difference between several categories seems too difficult to understand. So, let us have a clear understanding of different memory cards currently available in the market.

Secure Digital type memory cards (SD)

This is the most common memory cards available in the market that are usually used in most digital cameras. 

Secure Digital type memory cards with high capacity (SDHC)

These are SD cards with higher memory (up to 32GB). A normal SD card has a maximum 2GB of memory.

Xtra capacity secure digital memory cards (SDXC)

These are also SD cards with higher memory (up to 2TB) along with faster processing speeds. All these SD cards have similar size and fits into the same slot. But, SDHC and SDXC cards may not get recognized by all devices.

Compact flash type Memory cards (CF)

These are high quality cards that are present in advanced devices and have extremely fast processing speed with high storage capacity.

Micro SD Memory cards

These are SD cards with smaller size that are usually used in mobile devices. Initially its memory was only 2GB, but now cards with higher memory (4-32GB) are available.

XD and Memory Stick Duo Memory cards

These are older formats used in some cameras.

Multi Media Cards (MMC)

These are similar in shape and size with SD cards, but do not have the access lock. These cards can be used in SD card compatible devices, though the transfer rate of these cards is lower than SD cards.

SDHC cards with UHS-I standard

These are recently launched advanced cards that are very fast and can transfer data at a speed of 45 MB/s or even higher. This card is good for high end cameras that require saving raw files and HD videos. The capacity of these cards ranges from 8 – 64GB.

CFast 2.0 standard Memory card

These are also high speed memory cards with transfer rate of 450 MB/s and above (450 MB/s reading and 350 MB/s writing speed).

The Memory Card Readers

This a good device to transfer data from memory cards to your computers. Most laptops nowadays come with an inbuilt card reader that supports a few of the card types. A dedicated external card reader can support up to 35 different types of memory cards with various shapes and sizes. A card reader attached to a memory card can also function as a USB flash drive.

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