Thursday, December 25, 2014

How to make Junglee Price Alerts owned by Amazon is perhaps the biggest price comparison website in India. Unlike other comparison websites that focus mainly on “popular” sellers,  Junglee enters prices from less well known brands and smaller stores that at times offer better deals unlike other comparison engines that mostly focus on.

How to make Junglee Price Alerts
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Receive notification emails whenever prices drop

The interesting facts are that price alerts, a useful aspect that is even unavailable on its parent Amazon website are offered by Junglee. On Junglee one can insert more than one item to the watch list an email alert will be sent by the site whenever there is a drop in prices of a monitored product of 300 or more.
To set price alert, any product page can be opened on Junglee and then click on the button that says “Price too high”. After that click on “Set alert” and that will include the product to the watch list. This page provides proper information regarding the current price alerts. Though price tracker of Junglee is quite authentic, but a drawback is that it does not display prices from the biggest e-commerce sites like Snapdeal or Flipkart. For them, using Google sheets people can always build their own Price Tracker.

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