Friday, December 26, 2014

Enjoy Enhanced Experience of Reading with Chrome Reader Mode

A new Reader Mode by Google Chrome for Android features offers reading web pages on mobile without a mess up. To enable readability one had to fix bookmarklets previously but that is not required anymore since, much like the Safari browser on iOS readability is now incorporated in the recent releases of Chrome. 

Chrome Reader Mode
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No Clutter While Reading Web Pages

With clicking the “Reader” button adjacent to the address bar while reading an article within Chrome (the articles have to be text heavy for this feature to show up), the current page is immediately rearranged for reading. With change in layout and typeface all the non-essential elements such as the ads, page header, the navigation, and side bar are immediately hidden for better readability.

How to activate the Reader Mode

Since it is enable by default the Reader Mode button in Chrome is not observed yet. With tapping the address bar in Chrome, you have to type chrome://flags and a list of flags available in Chrome will be obtained.
Until a setting that shows “Enable Reader Tool Mode” is seen one should scroll down and click Enable. With relaunching the Chrome app one should now observe the Reader button in Chrome while on a text-heavy web page. However, it may not be displayed on every article page.
For printing web pages or while saving a page as a PDF on Android the Reader mode in Chrome also comes handy.

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