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Ignoring the warning signs: a grave mistake

Ignoring warning signs is a trend which Indians follow earnestly. We are habituated in breaking general rules and regulations in our everyday life. We actually got used to it and no one complains. So ignoring warning signs is not a surprising act for us. There is no exception when it comes to health. The same ignorance dominates this field as well. Indians are generally takes health less seriously and only reacts at the last-minute. When it comes to dental health, we tend to be surprisingly ignorant until the last-minute. We Indians are generally ignorant about our health due to several issues compared to first world countries. The socioeconomic background also plays an important role. Recent developments have changed the situation a bit, but not much and we have to go a long way to improve the scenario.

Ignoring the warning signs
We love ignoring warning signs
Now how many people take immediate action when they see a small amount of blood coming out from the gums in the early morning during brushing our teeth? We will change the toothpaste may be (never giving a thought of consulting a Doctor) and wait for a few months. We think it is too small a thing to be worried about and in this fast-paced busy life, who cares! By the time we think of taking any action the problem has aggravated a lot and the solution is no longer simple. Due to sheer ignorance we will now have to face some serious problem.

Gum problems are serious and should be dealt accordingly. It is not a smart decision to ignore a warning sign and complicating problems.

When we think of dental problem our focus is completely on teeth and preventing cavities. We hardly think of the gum, which holds the teeth and plays a key role in maintaining oral and general health. Bleeding and swollen gums are typical signs of gum problem and as you may know by now that two out of every three Indians suffer from gum diseases. From then on it  solely depends upon your care, how things will turn out.

Cause of Gum problems
Mouth cavity is flooded with tons of bacteria which combine with mucus and food particles to form a colorless layer called “plaque” on the dental surface. This is why it is necessary to brush and floss regularly to remove these plaques. But if it is not done properly, then the plaques get harder to create “tartar” which can be removed by professionals only and cannot be removed by brushing alone. So knowing the correct brushing and flossing technique is of extreme importance. We often think brushing harder will make our teeth cleaner. But in reality gentler is better for both gum and teeth.

Ignoring the warning signs
Its your choice
As we remain ignorant of the plaque and eventual tartar formation, the gums become swollen with red inflammation, leading to “Gingivitis” which tends to bleed easily. Gingivitis can be easily cured by proper brushing and flossing and few visits to Dentists. The good thing is; there is no loss of tissues and bones needed to hold the teeth.

But if we still remain ignorant, that is what we usually do; Gingivitis turns into “Periodontitis”, a more serious inflammation which results in open spaces between the gums and teeth (pockets) and creates infections. As usual our immune system acts against this infection, but the toxins produced by bacteria and the immune response ultimately destroy the bones and connective tissues holding the teeth and eventually the teeth have to be removed permanently.

This is the picture of gum disease in simplest form. Smoking, diabetes, hormonal disorders or changes, medications, genetics all can aggravate the problem.

Warning signs
Though anyone can suffer from gum disease, usually people over 30 years get affected and not surprisingly men are more prone to gum diseases, as women are generally more hygienic. Ignoring warning signs are the only cause of gum related problems. The major signs are:-
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Swollen and red gums may associated with bleeding
  • Pain during eating
  • Sensitive and loose teeth
  • Loss of gum resulting longer teeth
Any of these symptoms can lead to major problems if unattended for long. We should consult a dentist immediately to avoid future mishaps.

Let us think it this way. You are an athlete and you are feeling some discomfort in your leg muscles when you train. The discomfort is not much, but enough to be noticed. What will happen if you ignore this warning sign and continue training without taking any advice from specialists? You will probably miss the next tournament or may be worse and no professional athlete will dare to do that. I know that in most if not all cases we will not need our gum professionally, but it is still an important part of our body. When you ignore warning signs, you and your family will face the consequences. So why not take that same professional approach of an athlete and make our future filled with more happiness.

Ignoring the warning signs
Healthy Teeth and Gum
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Ignoring the warning signs

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