Friday, December 23, 2016

Book Review: Colorful Notions: The Roadtrippers 1.0 by Mohit Goyal

This book is primarily focused in the minds of the current young generation, who got adopted by the fast paced world. They give less time to think before jumping into any conclusion. They tend to decide anything without properly assessing the consequences and risks involved. The younger generation goes to extreme whenever they are opposed by their parents or teachers regarding their unrealistic dreams or adventures. 

Younger generations, however, love to take risks and do daring adventures as they are not held back by fear. The author Mohit Goyal told about the journey of Abhay and Shashank, both 25-year-old representing the current generation.

Abhay has a disturbed home life as his parents get separated. His financial status is also quite gloomy. He stays alone as he could not stand his step-mom. He wants clarification from his mother regarding why she left him, could not receive a proper answer. His mother tried to convince him by saying that his father is rich and can support him better than her. 

By contrast, Shashank came from a joint family, thus has a protected upbringing. Abhay befriended Shashank due to his protected background, which he missed in his own life. Initially, he was jealous of Shashank as he got everything in life from a protected family with a loving relationship with a beautiful girl.

Abhay at one point decided to quit his secure job in an advertising company to create a movie by visiting important places across India. He asked for Shashank’s company in this exciting adventure. Initially, Shashank’s family opposed the idea, but they eventually agreed once convinced by Shashank’s uncle, who is a traveler as well. Next, they have to get permission from Unnati’s (Shashank’s girlfriend) parents as she will also accompany them.

Here, it is somehow not clear why these two agreed to accompany Abhay to pursue his dream. Whether they also quit their jobs are not mentioned and how Unnati’s parents agreed to their proposal, especially keeping in mind Unnati will be accompanied by two males whom they came to know only recently (it is mentioned in the book that Unnati’s father is not at all open minded).
But, if you ignore these small loopholes and detailing overall this is the first book I came across having details of an adventurous road trip. I dearly wanted to read such a narration from my childhood days and really happy to have one at last.

This is a must-read for any of you representing the younger generation (that does not mean the older generation should not read it or will not love it). This book may act as the perfect mind booster to freshen up your mind and give the much-needed relief from the routine daily life. Today, somehow the younger generation became over dependent on Sundays for the general activities of life. They hardly get any time other than having some sleep and do the routines in office days. They have to enjoy whatever possible on Sundays and also complete other necessary household problems and duties at the same time.

So, I think the younger generation can easily connect with the lead character of this book, Abhay. This book may make them stronger mentally and enable them to face the challenges of life with a more open mind.

Overall, I will strongly recommend this book to every youngster as it has everything from adventure, fun, entertainment, family problems/values, romance, suspense and all. Even teenagers will find this book interesting. The price of the book is reasonable too. Thank you, Mohit.

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My Rating 4/5

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