Tuesday, October 18, 2016

After IIM, This Young Lady Quit Plush Job To Work With Cattle And Milk

Ankita Kumawat
As the number of smart and fast-paced cities go up and become a hub of working-class, a large section of young, educated Indians is becoming distant from farming – the backbone of Indian economy. This is why the story of 24-year-old Ankita Kumawat comes across as a surprise.

After a post-graduation degree in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta in 2009, Ankita worked in companies till 2014 when she came back to her native village in Ajmer to take farming as the profession.

Kumawat felt it was her duty and moral responsibility as the elder daughter to be at her father’s side and join the family business he started. Her parents were government employees but started the dairy business after taking voluntary retirement.

Organic Dairy Farming

While Indian cities are transforming and observing tremendous growth, the farming sector is losing its glory. But Ankita pioneered the use of modern technologies of farming in a systematic manner in her native place to operate the business and take it to new heights. She established the “Maatratav Dairy and Organic Food” an endeavor of organic dairy farming and has pepped up the farming in India.

Leaving luxurious and comfortable corporate world for working full-time farmer is nothing short of an act of extreme self-believe and passion. Ankita is a first generation entrepreneur. She feels proud to be a business woman. Earlier, she had to work for others and now she can provide employment opportunity to others.

Mantra of 1,000 and innovation

At the beginning, Ankita had very little revenue even after several months and Ankita had to shed money from her own pocket. Never losing faith, she believed that to be a successful businessperson, one has to put at least 1,000 days of hard work. Her perseverance during those tough days worked for the best.

Breaking the conventional pattern, Ankita introduced organic dairy and the concept of home delivery of dairy products. She started selling organic vegetables, grains, flour, honey, spices, etc. All the products are home delivered and her business started to spread.

She says making customers understand how her products are different from others was the key challenge. Rural customers did not understand or gave any importance to the taste of the milk or the hygiene of the cow when Ankita approached them.
According to Ankita, organic farming and dairy industries have enormous possibilities. As robust brands begin to associate themselves with agriculture and solar energy businesses, she says the future looks bright for youth coming into this profession.

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