Tuesday, September 6, 2016

This Is the World’s Largest Kitchen Which Makes Around 2 Lac Chapatis Everyday

In a world where there is not enough food for the hungry population around the world, there is a kitchen that feeds thousands of people for free every day. This is the world’s largest kitchen where there is no differentiation between the rich and the poor, young and old or between different castes. You may not believe that this amazing kitchen is in India only. It is the Golden Temple in Amritsar, where 70 to 75 thousand people take their meals every day. During festivals and special occasions this number reaches over one lakh. Let us know about 15 amazing facts about this kitchen.
  • Every day the kitchen in Golden Temple prepare food for more than 70 to 75 thousand people and during festivals or special occasions the number reaches over 1 lakh
  • The Golden Temple kitchen is regarded as the largest kitchen in the world
  • Every day the kitchen requires over 12000 Kg wheat, 13000 Kg pulses, 1500 Kg rice and 2000 Kg vegetables
  • The kitchen at Golden Temple prepares around 2 lakh chapattis daily. The kitchen uses a roti maker that can prepare 25000 rotis in one hour.
  • Every day over 5000 Liter milk, 1000 Kg sugar and 500 Kg Ghee are used to prepare Kheer in this kitchen
  • The kitchen uses more than 100 LPG cylinders and 5000 Kg wood to prepare this huge amount of food every day
  • The kitchen has over 450 permanent staffs and hundreds of volunteers
  • The utensils of the kitchen are so big that more than one person can get easily fit into them
  • The main preparations are made in 11 huge tawas where 7 quintal pulses or kheer can be made in one go (for each tawa)
  • The kitchen also contains two dining halls where 5000 people can have their food at one time
  • The kitchen staffs work 24 hours to manage food for all the people
  • The volunteers in Golden wash over 3 lakh dishes per day
  • All the dish washing is done by the volunteers and to maintain hygiene each dish is washed at least 3 to 5 times
  • This tradition of providing free food to people irrespective of caste and religion was started by Sant Guru Nanak and carried forward by Guru Amar Das
  • Mughal Badshah Akbar also had taken the Prasad while sitting with the common people in “Guru Ke Langar”.

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  1. I have been reading a lot about these langars and am truly impressed by them. A good collection of facts on these.


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