Sunday, September 18, 2016

18-year-old Hamraj Kumar Raises One Cr Fund For His Health Startup

Age is just a number, whatever way you take it

18-aged Hamraj Kumar has reportedly raised funding of Rs One Crore for his startup Cureinstant. Kumar has the vision and will to make major changes in the healthcare sector and working hard to make it a reality with his project.

At an age when everybody shies of doing something new because of inexperience and the fear of failing, Kumar is firmly moving to make his goal a major success. His dream project Cureinstant is meant to make our lives better. Kumar felt that in this social era the health care should be social as well. He visualized that ill-health is the main problem of a modern society that needs urgent attention. With a great sense of responsibility Kumar decided to take up the challenge on his young shoulder and come up with a solution.

He created, a platform where all the entities of the medical world can come under one umbrella. Here the patients, doctors, medical stores, pathology labs, fitness centre and many other health professionals can come together creating an environment where different doctors curing the same disease helping out curing a single patient.

This unique environment will make the patient feel much comfortable, assured as well as secured about the treatments he or she is receiving. This will also help reduce error in judgment while treating the patients. It is similar to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) in American Hospitals, but something more as here when a doctor prescribes some medicine on the platform the medical stores are there to bring the medicines at the patients’ door.

At the same time when a doctor advises a medical test, the pathology laboratories get the notification and will come up to perform the tests. With the progress in Science and Technology Healthcare is somewhat ignored. Healthcare did not receive the same technological advancement compared to other industries (especially in the social aspects). We can give our social status regarding our thinking or our recent vacation, but there is no major platform to share our diseases and tell the right persons that you are sick.

There are possibilities that someone has faced the problems of the disease themselves and might have a helping hand for us. This platform will bridge this gap and may enable us to book appointments with doctors and healthcare professionals. The platform offers a plethora of options to help patients in keeping their health records on the cloud that will again increase sharing of patient reports among doctors, laboratories and health stores.

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