Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Robin Hood Army: Feeding Hundreds of Hungry People Every Day

Robin Hood Army

Two months ago ten people in Jodhpur started an initiative to feed hungry children. Today they are feeding hundreds of hungry children every day. Their motto is to avoid food waste and make it available to needy people, thereby eliminating the scourge of hunger. Currently, more than 150 people moved to join the team working on feeding the hungry people.

They made a WhatsAap group called Robin Hood Army (RHA) that is designed to contact hotels in the city to avail the food that otherwise would have been wasted. They also prepare foods from their own pockets and then the team heads out wearing green T-Shirts in a vehicle. Along with poor children, they also share food with the needy elderly.

Robin Hood Army or RHA was established two months ago in Jodhpur. One of the RHA members Akshyraj Korna told that they made the initiative to eradicate the curse of hunger from the city. Everyday a lot of foods get wasted in different hotels in the city. The members of the group collect these excess foods in a vehicle and then distribute the foods among poor and hungry people (mostly children and elderly).

They formed a WhatsAap group named Robin Hood Army and after getting calls from the hotel to collect food they update the group about it. After that the members come to hotels with their car, collect and distribute the foods among poor.

They got inspired from a similar campaign run in Portugal

According to RHA members, Neil Ghosh from Delhi saw similar campaigns during his visit to Portugal. There people distribute excess food among poor. He got inspired by it and started similar campaigns in India with his five friends in September 2014. He named the group Robin Hood Army or RHA. RHA is now spread across seven countries including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Currently, more than five thousand of Robin Hood Army volunteers are continuously offering their services in 30 cities in India (37 cities including other countries). Most of the volunteers are young students and working people. The Jodhpur group is a part of this organization.

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  2. Great campaign. Globally 30% food is wasted. If we can become efficient, then a lot of hungry people can get food.


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