Wednesday, May 18, 2016

YePaisa: Get Paid for Your Free Time

Are your shopping bills diminishing your savings? Are you looking for someone who pays off your dinning bills every weekend? Are you chatty enough to drain you mobile recharge too often. Yepaisa’, India’s leading developer and provider of entertainment solutions bring relishing and rewarding in a nutshell. Whether you plug-in to any of the videos posted on this app, or fill a survey or much easier download an app, be joyous because you get rewarded for each of these. Yepaisa’s newly launched update will let you earn cash rewards and free coupons of worth up to Rs 500 daily.

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Having entered the digital era, installing an app or watching a video online or fill-in a survey either has emerged as our day-to-day act. But how about these small acts let you make some easy money? YePaisa rewards all its users for the acts stated above. Signing up with YePaisa alone lets you avail 300 Yeps (our digital currency) just at one go. Players will play from a wide gamut of enchanting games free of cost and can earn as much as 199 to 999 yeps daily. Combining the tactics of free to play beguiling games with the prolific redeem options in dining, shopping and mobile recharge, all have together set the scale high for Yepaisa.

In 2015, YePaisa has shot past the next thousands of registrations with its playing and sharing option. “The joy of sharing has doubled with YePaisa, the first of its kind, that lets you donate your Yeps for a cause” said Mr. Salik Khan, Digital Head of YePaisa. Having partnered with associations like AkshayaPatra and CRY, YePaisa has been a helping hand in letting its users donate the Yeps earned for a noble cause. AkshayPatra has been dedicated since years in providing midday meals to the students of government schools. CRY as its name suggests ‘Child Rights and You’ together with YePaisa is heading towards creating a lasting change in the lives of many children. “In a world where everyone is a ‘digital native’ and many of us fall for click bait, having clicked for a noble cause with Yepaisa would surely make this world a better place to live” said by Mr. Ankush Sharma, CEO of YePaisa.

“We have been trying hard for a long time to make Yepaisa, the provider of greatest gaming and rewarding experience, and we are happy to show this to the world. Our new feature ‘Refer a friend and earn upto Rs 50’ in return would get the ball rolling for Yepaisa in the coming future”, according to Rahul Mangal, Founder of YePaisa.

Whether you merely keep Clicking or you choose to do Smart Clicking for Earnings. The choice is all yours.
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