Thursday, May 26, 2016

URL Uncover Launched: Check the Links and Be Safe

URL Uncover
The newest craze on the World Wide Web is shortened urls. Seems like everyone is doing it and that necessarily isn’t a good thing. That’s where the URL Uncover comes into play. There is a growing turmoil that any shortened link will send you to a malicious website or take you to a place you really don’t want to be at. The reality is that thanks to all these url shortening tools on the web (of which there are hundreds), no link is what it appears to be. There have been numerous occasions in your life where you had to choose second guessing on whether or not I should click the shortened url. Scammers and hackers use different kinds of methods to steal your information using methods like phishing, spoofing, key-logging, etc. and detection of it is almost very hard and that’s where the URL Uncover comes into the picture.

URL uncover is a web service which allows you to check the legitimacy of the link without ever having to visit it. All you do is paste the shortened URL and URL Uncover will run it through its system and show you the original decrypted url and also will check if the remote domain is or has been blacklisted or not. It also scans the link on 6 external online antivirus scanners like Google, Avg etc. to make sure the url is absolutely safe to visit. It will also generate a screenshot of the website that the URL links to, and pull the title, description, and keywords of that page from its metadata.

URL Uncover also offers browser tools for Firefox and Chrome with a handy bookmarklet for easy url decryption.

Not to mention, URL Uncover is a highly reviewed security startup featured on major tech sites like CNet, Techcrunch, Lifehacker and many more.

URL Uncover supports not only short url, monetized links but any website on the web.

Uncover the Deep Dark Web with URL Uncover.

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