Monday, May 9, 2016

#Justasuggestion: Why It Is Not Wise to Keep Drinking Water in Plastic Bottles

Drinking Water in Plastic Bottles
Nowadays we mostly store drinking water in various types of plastic bottles, containers, jugs etc. Do you know it is harmful for your body? Be it a high quality or poor quality, plastic is plastic! Storing water in plastic containers on a regular basis is an extremely dangerous practice as it may contain a number of toxic chemicals and harmful bacteria.

Here are some of the detrimental outcomes of consuming drinking water stored in plastic containers:
Hazardous stuffs: Beside unsafe chemicals present in plastic, harmful substances such as arsenic, fluoride, aluminium etc. are produced by water in reaction with the chemicals present in plastic when stored in plastic containers that can be toxic to the human body. Hence, consuming water stored in plastic bottles is nothing but intake of slow poison that will gradually but increasingly worsen your physical condition.

Production of Dioxin: Plastic starts melting when the environment is hot. During travelling especially by car we always have a tendency to stock up water in plastic containers and leave it under direct exposure of sunlight. When such heating of the take place plastic containers discharges a poisonous substance known as Dioxin, which once consumed can increase the chance of breast cancer.

Generation of Biphenyl A (BPA): Storing water in plastic bottles may lead to the generation of an oestrogen-mimicking chemical BPA. This harmful substance can cause a number of health issues such as obesity, behavioural problems, diabetes, fertility troubles, and premature puberty in girls. It is always advisable to avoid storing drinking water in plastic containers.

Reduction in sperm count and cause of liver cancer: Due to the persistence of a harmful chemical phthalates in plastic, consumption of water stored in plastic containers can cause liver cancer and also decrease in total sperm count.

Bottled water supplemented with vitamins: It has become a latest trend to supplement water stored in plastic bottles with vitamins so as to augment its health benefits that will attract the consumers. But the surprising fact is that this supplementation has far more detrimental effects since it carries toxic additives such as fructose corn syrup or food dyes that have health-harming upshots.

Affecting immune system: When water stored in plastic bottles is consumed, the chemicals discharged immensely disturb the body’s immune system. This is highly dangerous as it could lead to various diseases and affect the physical condition and well being of an individual.

This article was first published in KenFolios Health - Be Informed Be Healthy.

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