Friday, January 22, 2016

The Importance and Impact of Appointment Preparation with Your Doctor Regarding Alcoholism

Welcome back to my impact on health series. Today I will discuss about the importance of preparing yourself for a visit to a doctor if you feel you are suffering from alcoholism. Alcoholism can have serious adverse impact on you as well as to your close and dear ones. It has a negative impact on the society as well. So, consult a doctor as soon as you feel you or anyone known to you is suffering from alcoholism.

Before consulting your doctor preparing an honest opinion on your drinking habit is essential. Be ready to discuss freely about any problem related to your drinking habit with your doctor. It is better you prepare a written note of the symptoms you are experiencing; personal information like behavioral changes, stress; medications you are receiving (may be not related to your drinking) and any specific question you might be thinking of asking to your doctor. Always let your close ones accompany you. This will ensure you remember everything about the appointment. 

Now let us discuss few important questions that you should ask and discuss with your doctor. You can ask the following questions: -
  1. Whether you think that you drink heavily and have shown signs of alcoholism or problem drinking? 
  2. Whether alcohol is responsible for other related health problems with you?
  3. Whether you think that you should drink less or even stop drinking?
  4. How you can achieve your goal of quitting drinking?
  5. Whether to perform any specific tests to understand the situation?
  6. What are the available methods to cope with the problem?
  7. Where could I learn more about these things? Any suggested websites, printed materials (brochures, etc.) you can take home?
  8. Whether to meet a professional who is experienced in treating alcoholic patients?

Always make everything clear before leaving your doctor’s chamber. Never hesitate to ask any specific questions or if you feel you have not understood anything.
What your doctor may ask
Your doctor can ask you some specific questions to assess your condition. These questions may include: -
  1. How often and how much you usually drink?
  2. Whether you have any family history of alcoholism?
  3. Whether you have any control on the amount you drink? Do you often drink more you intend to?
  4. Whether you have been told earlier by your friends, colleagues or family members to cut down or quit drinking?
  5. Have you got the feeling of drinking more to get similar effects of the past?
  6. Whether you have earlier tried to stop drinking and whether you had any withdrawal symptoms?
  7. Whether you have any alcohol related problems in your workplace, school or at home and in relationships?
  8. Whether drinking caused you to behave dangerously or violently at any instances?
  9. Whether you have diabetes or liver problems, or any other physical disorders?
  10. Whether you are suffering any mental illness like anxiety or depression?
  11. Whether you use any other illegal drugs along with your drinking?
Preparing these questions before meeting your doctor will significantly simplify the matter and your doctor will be able to assess your situation better.

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