Friday, January 22, 2016

Methods to Impact Prevention of Alcoholism

I have given some insights of problems related to alcoholism and its impact on society as well as on the individual and some treatment procedures. Now I will write about the preventive methods and its impact on alcoholism. 

Prevention of alcoholism is possible through early intervention in teens. In young people suffering from problem drinking, right intervention give good result as their addiction is often depends on the influence of their parents, role models; advertisements of alcohols; friends and family; and other close associates. Their psychological need for alcohol; how early they started drinking; genetic factors are few other things that need to be considered. In case of teenagers, beware of the following signs and symptoms of alcoholism or problem drinking: -
  • Lost interest in personal appearances, hobbies and other activities in life
  • Coordination problem, slurred speech, memory lapses and blood shot eyes
  • Changes in friendships and difficulty in managing old relationships and friendships
  • Having problems in school, getting poor grades and decline in overall performances in school
  • Frequent mood swings and suspicious behavioral pattern
Preventing teenage alcohol use is a necessity and we can all do it. Change your own alcohol use if necessary to help your child. You can always set a good example in front of your child. Talk freely and openly, spend quality time together and take active participation in your child’s life. Let them know the worse consequences of his or her behavior and surely things will be positive.

What makes us to drink?

Alcohol is an integral part of our society and share an important space in our emotional, spiritual, social and daily life. So, you may start drinking for various reasons like: -
  • For some relaxation after a strenuous day at work
  • To socialize and enjoy with your friends
  • You may like to drink because of its taste
  • Alcohol may be an integral part of your culture
Other circumstances, may lead to your drinking habit such as getting the chance of being close to somebody through drinking; to get rid of your bad feeling; loneliness; to control your anger or sadness; and because of other compulsions.

There have always been some important reasons behind your excessive likeness towards alcohol. There must be some important cause and psychological reasons behind every heavy alcohol consumption or taking of other toxic drugs. You must be struggling to cope with some problems in your life that may include relationship problems; unable to take care of yourself; low in self esteem; unable to manage emotional stress and strong emotional challenges. Initially, alcohol and other drugs may seem to the solution for other problems you were suffering with, but eventually the alcohol and drugs will itself become a greater problem for you in life.

When your drinking habit produces unwanted consequences, then it becomes most concerning part of your drinking. You drink as you like it and you may be getting adapted with the harm caused by it to you, but your drinking may cause serious damage and harm to other people, which you must be aware of. More you drink; more is the potential to harm others. Drinking thus can be classified as over drinking, risky drinking, harmful drinking and dependent drinking on the basis of alcohol consumption.

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