Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kolkata: Drive, Design and Connect with #Tata Motors

Image Courtesy: TATA Motors

I have lived my 99% of life in Kolkata, the most prominent and biggest city in Eastern India. I have travelled to other cities in India and no doubt I love my mother city the most and to me it is the best city in India regarding Drive, Design and Connect. Kolkata is no doubt on the biggest city in India, the second largest to be frank after Mumbai (the total Kolkata Metropolitan area).

Kolkata had earlier been the capital of British India. Indian capital was shifted to Delhi in 1911. It is a old city, established over 300 years ago. It is the capital of the state West Bengal and plays a vital role in the economy and commerce of eastern India.

Now let us come to the point of discussion that Drive, Design and Connect. What it takes driving in Kolkata. Is it enjoyable or painstaking? Driving in Indian cities is a nightmare job, irrespective of cities across the country. The traffic is maddening in Kolkata as well, but somehow I feel it is far better than other top cities in India. The problem is that it is an old city with narrow roads and old infrastructure in most parts of the city, making all the roads overloaded with too many vehicles. Driving in Kolkata traffic is a challenge and I love every bit of it. Even though it is tough, you will always find someways to cope with it. The best part of this city is its public transport services. There are plenty of buses running on different routes, Suburban Railway, Trams and Metro Railways.

It is the top ranked city in Indian in connectivity as it connects cities all over India and some major cities in neighboring countries as well. The metro rail in the city is the first in India and a leisurely tram drive is really enjoyable and an added experience. The city taxi service apart from the recent addition of app base taxis add to the convenience. The auto service in Kolkata runs on a share basis and is cheap mode of transport for short distances.

Kolkata has a heritage charm and at the same time modern roadways depending on various parts of the city. This clearly added to the unique design and charm to the old and new parts of Kolkata. You will feel that it is really the city of joy in respect to Drive, Design and Connect.

Just visit Kolkata through any of the national highways connecting the city and enjoy the ride to this historical city. It is a city full of rich culture and heritage that actively took part in freedom fighting and endured the pain of partition during the Indian Independence, but never let its smile fade away. 

It is great that #Tata Motors has associated with the greatest footballer and humble human being #Lionel Messi, who truly deserve to be #madeofgreat. The incredible vehicles of #Tata Motors will surely make a fun drive across the streets of Kolkata. A true Drive, Design and Connect experience in Kolkata.

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