Monday, August 31, 2015

BlogMint: Your Perfect Solution for Sponsored Tweets

BlogMint is already serving great for the bloggers across India by helping the bloggers meet the brands. But, now you do not need to have a blog to be a BlogMinter. Now all you need is a Twitter account to become a social media influencer in BlogMint. 

With BlogMint you can right away monetize your Twitter account. All you need is a decent level of genuine followers and engagement. It is too good to be true, isn’t it? But, it is true and all you have to do is to register an account in BlogMint and you can immediately start applying for monetization of your twitter account. BlogMint has truly revolutionized the sponsored Tweets concept in India.

How to get started with BlogMint?

BlogMint is a platform meant for influencer marketing that initially started for bloggers and was working successfully connecting bloggers with brands. But, lately it also included people with good presence in social media i.e. having a good number of followers in Twitter. You can of course connect your blog; Twitter and YouTube account at the same time or can omit some as per your preference. You will earn money from the sponsored contents offered by various brands and day by day the number of offers is increasing.

Getting started with BlogMint is extremely easy with its website offering a simple interface and sign up process. You can either use your email or the Blogger, WordPress or YouTube account to register in BlogMint. After registering, just complete your profile carefully. This step is important as here you have to set the right price for your tweets. You also have to link the respective twitter account you want to publish sponsored tweets with your BlogMint account.

Setting the price

Be realistic while setting the price for your tweets. Keeping the price too high means you get less offer and at the same time keeping it too low means you will be underpaid. Set the price at par with the market and the current status of your Twitter account. For sponsored tweets things to consider are the number of true followers and engagement.

Get the paid campaigns right away

The best part of BlogMint is that you can set up your account in less than 5 minutes and start applying for paid campaigns right away without any waiting period. In many campaigns the price is not fixed and you can negotiate with the brand. This is a good opportunity to understand your Twitter account potential as well as the market trend. It already provided me tons of offers in the last few months only. The campaigns are placed under the active campaign tab. Just consider whether the offer is relevant to you and the timing of the Tweets matching with you. Twitter campaigns are usually time specific and you have to complete all your tweets within a specified time frame. It is not very problematic as you can schedule your tweets earlier using the tweeter platform available in BlogMint. Moreover, the sample tweets are already provided by the campaigners and all you need to do is to create similar tweets using the same hashtag and links. It is really some simple tasks to generate decent income. The more influencer you are, the better will be the payment.

The uniqueness of BlogMint

Another thing I like about BlogMint is its transparency regarding payment. I never found any problems regarding the payments. The payments will always reach you within three weeks after completing the assignments without fail via bank transfer. 
So, just register yourself to BlogMint and start monetizing your twitter account from today.

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