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Condoms: One of the best methods for birth control

Condom stores in India

Condoms are one of the best and easiest methods for birth control and can also be used as a convenient protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are available for both male and female candidates.

Male Condoms

Male condoms are mostly made of latex and sometimes with animal membrane and plastics. They are used by rolling on to the male sexual organ, i.e. the penis during intercourse. This prevents semen to enter into the vagina, thus avoids unwanted pregnancy. The covering also do not allow interchange or contact of fluids between the partners, therefore providing an effective means of prevention against transmission of sexually  transmitted diseases.

Precautions: The male condom has to be used on an erect penis and checked properly for any tear or breakage. It should be removed immediately, after ejaculation as it may slip out of the penis inside the vagina. Proper disposal of the condom is necessary.

Female Condoms

Female condoms are made of Nitrile (synthetic rubber) and have to be inserted inside the vagina before intercourse. It helps to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease just like its male version. It is advisable to use condoms even during oral sex to prevent sexually transmitted disease because they can be transmitted through oral route as well.

Benefits and essential facts on Condoms
  • It is the most convenient and effective method of unwanted pregnancy prevention when used in a proper manner
  • Condoms prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Hassle free method and can be carried anywhere and any couple can use
  • Can be bought from any local store without prescriptions
  • It has no side effects and relatively cheap method of preventing pregnancy

Precautions to be taken while using condoms
  • Always check for tear or breakage before using and handle carefully to avoid tearing
  • Use of a condom is always advisable to have a safe sex and should be worn prior to having sex
  • Using either male or female condom is enough (no need to use them both at the same time)
  • Use a new condom every time and never reuse a condom 
  • The male condom should be removed after having the sex while the penis is still erect
  • Never use an expired condom to avoid condom tear during intercourse

Condom stores in India

In India we are still lagging behind in safe sex awareness. Use of a condom is the most effective, cheapest and hassle free method of preventing transmission of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. It is easily available in common medicine shops and local grocery shops. But, now it is well available over the internet as well. One of the best online stores for condoms in India is the where you can get choices of condoms in a pack size of minimum of 40 (should last a year long). Get the right condom for you and enjoy safe sex.

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