Saturday, June 13, 2015

How to #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin

How to #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin using Vicco Turmeric Cream. We tend to think that the secret of a glowing skin is expensive, but there are various simple and natural home remedies for your skin that will make your skin look brighter, younger and free of blemishes. So, no need to go for expensive beauty products to look after your skin. Use the following natural ingredients to have a glowing skin. These products are natural, yet luxurious.

Turmeric is great for your skin

Turmeric is excellent for removal of acne scarring and helps reduce skin discoloration. It also reduces the problem of facial hair. It acts as a natural antiseptic and gives your skin a radiant glow. Initially the skin appears to have a yellow tint that will go after one or two washes and then you will look ravishing.

Lime in combination of turmeric

Lime acts as a perfect antiseptic and brightens your skin. You can use it in combination of turmeric. Lemon and honey mix can be used effectively to remove blackheads from your skin.

Oranges as a skin brightener

Orange juice helps in softening the rough patches on your skin and gives a great smell as well. You will feel refreshed with a softer skin.

Honey as face mask

Honey also acts as a natural antibiotic and makes wonder to your skin when used at least once a week on your face as a face mask. It gives a lovely, soft and beautiful skin in no time. Gentle hassle free application with your palm and gently rubbing will do the trick. It helps in removing the blemishes on your skin, including the burning marks.

Natural body scrub with olive oil

Mixing olive oil and sea salt will give you the perfect natural body scrub you are looking for that will be gentle on your skin.

Dahi or yoghurt as a moisturizer

Dahi not only acts as a moisturizer, but helps fight acne, skin discoloration, sun burns and gives you a younger look by preventing premature ageing. You can use dahi along with turmeric and gram flour for maximizing results.

Gram Flour as cleanser

Gram flour is very well known home beauty product that acts perfectly as a cleanser, helps in skin exfoliation and removes skin tanning. Use gram flour in combination of turmeric, dahi or sandalwood powder to have a radiant skin. 

Coconut oil as shaving cream

Use coconut oil to get the natural shaving cream to remove the unwanted hairs from your skin.

Sugar and salt paste as healing agents

Sugar and salt paste in combination of honey act wonder to your skin blemishes and cure you from some stubborn skin problems such as acne or pimples.

Sandalwood as skin whitener

Sandalwood paste acts as a natural whitener for your skin and can be used in combination of turmeric and gram flour.

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