Tuesday, June 30, 2015

10 reasons to choose my "Asus Zenfone2" as your next phone!

Asus Zenfone2

I was using my old smartphone for a long time before deciding that it's time to have a new one with modern features and specifications, but will not hurt my pocket a lot. Now, whenever you are thinking of changing your phone and selecting something new, there should be some genuine reason for your selection. There are so many options in the market and it is very easy to get confused. Which brand to choose or which smartphone to buy? Which one is offering the best specification and performance at reasonable prices? After a lot of research and thinking I opted for Asus Zenphone2, and after using it for some days now, I can safely comment that it should be your next phone as well. So, let me share 10 reasons for Asus Zenphone2 to be your next phone.
  1. Intel quad core processor: The latest 64 bit quad core Intel processor of Asus Zenphone2 gives a smooth and crisp performance. The performance of the phone can be compared with that of a computer.
  2. The outstanding capacity of the RAM: Asus Zenphone2 comes with 4GB RAM that gives you an awesome flawless performance. It is one of the fastest smartphones present in the market and you will be able to switch between apps without a hint of the system hang.
  3. Latest Android Lollipop as OS: Asus Zenphone2 has the latest version of Android Lollipop as OS that allows you excellent navigation and browsing experience.
  4. Awesome internal memory capacity: The 16GB internal storage facility of Asus Zenphone2 (up to 64GB external supported) will help you store a lot of your valuable data and entertainment staffs like music, videos and images.
  5. Great battery life: Asus Zenphone2 has a great battery life (3000 Mah) with a fast charging capacity that allows you to get 60% of your battery recharged in only 40 minutes. So, no longer you will be worried about your battery life, especially during long hours of travel.
  6. Fantastic camera performance: The 13MP rear and 5MP front camera give you high quality images (no issues with qualities of pixels in low light situations). There is no shutter lag and low light capture is very good even without flash. You can also shoot high quality videos with great clarity.
  7. Crisp Display: The display is one of the main attractive features of a phone and Asus Zenphone2 is not lagging behind in this aspect by any chance. It boasts a great 5.5 inch, 401 ppi, full HD display that will surely satisfy you.
  8. The Gorilla Glass 3 Protection: Asus Zenphone2 comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection for the screen.
  9. Range of Connectivity options: The range of connectivity options in Asus Zenphone2 includes Dual SIM support (3G or 4G) along with the NFC, WiFi (along with hotspot), GPS, GLONASS, and Bluetooth 4.
  10. Unbeatable Price: With all this awesome feature Asus Zenphone2 costs only around 13,000/-.

Asus Zenfone2

By now I think you have already decided to get your Asus Zenphone2 as soon as possible.


  1. I am waiting to try the camera features everyone is talking out :) ... Nice review ... i found asus zenfone 5 also good apart in terms of camera and editing features ..


    1. I found the camera great indeed........ Happy shooting....

  2. That's fantastic review... I really loved the phone and features. Great indeed... :)


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