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Hope and Optimism to Overcome the Uncertain Future

Hope and Optimism to Overcome the Uncertain Future
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Let me share my story regarding hope and optimism to overcome the uncertain future. Optimism and being hopeful is the perfect way to tackle helpless situations. It is well known and well established that a bad and good situation is often relative to the person facing it and how that person is coping with the adverse situation, whether giving up or persevere.

Though optimistic attitude is an inherent characteristic of a human being, often a positive attitude can be acquired through practice. A realistic optimism is the thing that will drive us forward in this world with an uncertain future.

In this context, I will share an extreme optimistic moment of my life. Though it is not a very serious affair, it still portrays the essence of optimism and hope in our life.

This was long back in 2009, when I went to Varanasi with my friends for some official works and then decided to go for some sightseeing for a day. We somehow managed to create the day out of the packed schedule. We hired a car and set up for the day long journey. First, we visited the famous Dasaswamedh Ghat and Biswanath Temple along with few other temples including the Monkey Temple. This took a lot of time and then we moved for the Sarnath. All the places had their own charm and we were quite mesmerized by the beauty of each place. As time was short, we had to move quickly and it tired us a lot as well.

We also had to stop for lunch and a few times for tea. So when we ultimately thought to visit the famed Ramnagar Fort it was quite late and everybody thought that the fort would be closed well before reaching there. Moreover, it would not be possible to visit the fort’s main attraction, the museum. Everybody had given up and thought to go straight to the hotel as we were also very tired. But, I was highly optimistic about reaching the fort in time and persuaded them to go to the fort. They all laughed at me and at the end  after immense pressure from me agreed to go there, but truly speaking, they were sure that we will not reach in time.

When we eventually reached the fort, the person sitting at the ticket counter had gone into the adjacent room to change his uniform as the counter was just closed. We though convinced him to give us the tickets (he was still wearing the uniform trouser, but already changed the shirt) and had to give some additional money to the guide to allow us to see the museum and the fort properly. Till date I could not revisit Varanasi and if I was not that much optimistic the visit to Ramnagar fort would not have been possible.

Hope and optimism are the only tools available to face and overcome our uncertain future. The world will be a better place to be when we will be hopeful, optimistic and think positively. There are always some better ways to live in this world and the website is worth to check out for.

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