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Van Heusen My Fit: The New Definition of Custom Clothing

Recently I have gone through a new experience of custom clothing when I happened to visit a nearby Van Heusen store in Kolkata. I had some time in hand and just wanted to check the new arrivals from Van Heusen, so that I can buy them at my convenience. 

Then I discovered something new! A unique concept that will surely change the custom fit perception. The concept is the MY Fit Collection from Van Heusen that allows additional custom fitting based on the body type of the customer.

Van Heusen My Fit

The traditional ways of buying clothes

Traditionally, there are two ways one can choose to buy a shirt, trouser or suit.  Either you have to buy the cloth from the market and give it to the tailor to stitch it custom fit for you or you can buy them readymade from your favourite showroom.

The problem with the traditional system

Both the traditional systems have their own problems. Getting a shirt or trouser stitched by a tailor is often a cumbersome process. It is definitely time consuming and often the readymade shirts and trousers offer more variety and design uniqueness. Moreover, finding a good tailor at a reasonable price is not that easy. If the tailor is not good, the customisation you are looking for will surely be missed. The brand value of a readymade shirt will be missed as well.

On the other hand, getting a perfect fit readymade shirt or trouser is a dream. Invariably, it will not fit completely. You will not get your perfect size. Either it will be a bit too tight or a bit too loose and you have to settle for the one which is the nearest to the perfect fitting.

My Fit from Van Heusen: The solution

My Fit from Van Heusen is something in between these two traditional concepts. In My Fit the readymade shirt or Trouser can be modified according to your body shape and size. For example, if you a bit fat on your tummy, then you can increase the width of your shirt at your tummy area without going for a higher size. This way the shirt will perfectly fit for you both at shoulder and tummy levels. This way there are various options available to customize the sizes according to your requirement. There are various size options available for both shirts (6) and trousers (5) which again can be further customized as shown in the pictures below. You can have your choice of sleeves, collars and cuffs with three different sleeve lengths.

Van Heusen My Fit
Options in Shirt

Van Heusen My Fit
Options in trouser

Van Heusen My Fit

Van Heusen My Fit
Steps involved during online purchase

How to go for Van Heusen My Fit

You can go for Van Heusen My Fit both through online and offline mode. But it is better to know your size first by visiting a Van Heusen store. Once you know your size you can just order for a My Fit shirt or trouser anytime while sipping a cup of coffee. You can also order it through the store and it will be delivered at your doorstep and you can avail cash on delivery facility for that as well.

The online purchase is easier and better than any of the online stores I visited so far. After going to you just have to choose the size and other customisation options available and then the fabric. Another good thing with My Fit is that you can always have the range of fabrics offered. No dependence on the store stocks anymore. For me, once I placed the order it was delivered within 7 days as promised during order. Remember, it is not a readymade shirt that just needs packing and shipping. After the order, it has to be stitched according to your body type and then delivered.

The packing was just too good and the fabric and making are just awesome (as expected from Van Heusen). You can see my picture here wearing the shirt and trouser. It fitted me perfectly and I really felt very comfortable wearing them.

Van Heusen My Fit
The shirt and the trouser as it came

Van Heusen My Fit
The shirt fabric close-up

Van Heusen My Fit
The trouser fabric close-up
Van Heusen My Fit
Its me with wearing them

Van Heusen My Fit at a Glance
  • Over 100 fabrics to choose from
  • You get the perfect fit with 13 sizes available across 6 fits
  • Different sleeve, cuff and collar options for every fabric
  • You can choose your trouser type across 5 fits with customisable length
  • Can be purchased through online (visit to or by visiting a nearby Van Heusen store
  • The product will be delivered to your provided address within 7-9 days
  • Cash on delivery option for both online and store purchase
Image courtesy: Van Heusen My Fit


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