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Subsidized LED bulb distribution in Delhi

Subsidized LED bulb distribution in Delhi
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Recently much emphasis has been given to the use of energy-efficient LED lights as a substitute of conventional lighting arrangements in day-to-day requirements. This is because of the fact that apart from being energy-efficient LED lights (light emitting diodes) have various advantages over its traditional counterpart.

LED has the following distinct advantages over traditional lighting systems: -

  • Extremely energy-efficient (80%-90% energy efficient in comparison to conventional lighting systems i.e. almost one tenth of the traditional lighting arrangements. This means 80-90% of the energy is converted into light energy and only 10-20% of the energy is converted into heat or other form of energy. This is totally opposite to the conventional lighting arrangements).
  • Exceptionally long life span (100000 hours which means it will last for nearly 20 years if used for 8 hours per day, do not get burned out like the traditional lights. Long life also signifies low maintenance).
  • Completely eco-friendly with little to no UV or IR radiation (no toxic chemicals involved in the LED whereas, conventional light is made up of several toxic components like mercury. All the ingredients of LEDs are recyclable and its long life span corresponds to low usage of materials. Generally, about 25 general lights are required during the lifespan of a single LED).
  • Highly durable with flexible design options (made up of highly durable and sturdy materials which can be used in any adverse or harsh environment. So there is no problem of using LEDs in outdoor lighting systems. It can be fit into various lighting designs. Moreover, the intensity and colour of the light can be controlled and changed. So dimming of the light is possible when desired).
  • Can be operational at excessive high or low temperatures (made it perfect for outdoor settings in cold climate or in freezers where conventional light systems often malfunction).
  • Can operate in low voltage and give instant lighting (makes a perfect candidate for Indian people where good operational voltage is often not available, especially in rural areas. Additionally, unlike fluorescent lights it gives instant lighting with full illumination when switched on).
  • Does not get affected by repeated switching (the lifetime of LEDs are not affected by the frequency of switching on and off).

Keeping in mind the above advantages the Prime Minister, Narendra Singh Modi has inaugurated ‘Prakash Path campaign’ with the appeal to the people to use LED lights to save energy. It is a part of the conservation of energy movement by the Prime Minister. 

This campaign will enable people from Delhi to procure two LED bulbs at the cost of Rs 20 (10 each, while the market price is Rs 400) and Rs 10 extra will be charged in their electricity bill for the following 12 months.

If every person uses two LED lights in their home, it will allow Delhi to save 1% of the entire power consumption (around 250 mu or million units).

Prime Minister, Narendra Singh Modi also replaced one bulb from his office with a LED one as a gesture. He emphasized that it is more economical to save power than producing it. Moreover, this initiative will cut down on the import bill and environmental friendly as well.

This is indeed a very good initiative taken by the Government to save energy. India is an energy deficient country and every Indian should take responsibility of saving energy. We must build a good habit of saving energy at every possible way.

In addition to the subsidized LED distribution, Government may also think of running vigorous campaigns to increase public awareness.


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