Saturday, February 28, 2015

A better Car with Quikr NXT

Buying a new car is not always possible and people often look to buy a used car for different reasons. It may be because of the budget or people just started to learn to drive sometimes prefers a used one as there are always chances of creating some extra dents on your car. But, getting a good used car is often seems a tricky job. The first hurdle is to find a car with reasonably good condition at a decent rate. Judging the condition of the car is of course the job of experts and if you are not an expert then you have to rely on some friends or associates with good knowledge on cars.

A better Car with Quikr NXT
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But, the first step that is to find the right type of used car, according to your comfort and budget seems to be the main issue. The new launched Quikr Nxt can be the ideal solution for the same. The website is quite well known to everybody. It brings sellers closer to the buyers and very helpful for both sellers and buyers to negotiate and get their deals done. The seller can post a free advertisement on the website of the product. They need to supply as much description of the product as possible supported by at least one photograph of the product. The buyers can browse the website for the suitable product they are looking for. Once they reach to a common interest they can further carry forward the deal through personal contact over phone or chat.

This chat system is the new introduction known as Quikr Nxt. Previously the website does not have such features and the buyers and sellers have to talk over phone to settle a deal. This is often creates a problem because of the spurious phone calls, getting phone calls at odd hours (even after clearly mentioning the preferred call timings) and difficulty in describing a product over the phone call.

Now with Quikr Nxt everything will be different and the above mentioned problems will no longer exist. The potential buyer and the sellers can now straight away connect with each other using the Quikr Nxt chat service and there is absolutely no need to have a phone call. The Quikr Nxt is available for both desktop and mobile sites. So, it can be used while sitting at home in front of your desktop or laptop or while on a go using the mobile site. The chat service Quikr Nxt is also available in Quikr's mobile app for high end mobile users (android and IOS).

This will really revolutionize the online classified market of India through its unique simplicity and ability to connect buyers and sellers and make communication between them more convenient. It will also help the user to get more detailed information about the product or service. And the best thing is you do not need to make a single phone call.

So if you are really looking to have a better car, just go to, use the Quikr Nxt service effectively and all your worries will be gone.

A better Car with Quikr NXT
Image Courtesy: Quikr and IndiBlogger
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