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Proposing on Valentine's Day: My Way

Proposing on Valentine's Day: My Way
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Proposing my crush is one the most precious events of life if not the most. If I can propose on Valentine's Day that surely will spice up the things beyond the limit. The chance itself will make me dumbfounded and I am not sure whether I will actually able to do it as per plan. I am even feeling panicky while writing this post whenever I am thinking about my proposal on Valentine's Day.
Beyond doubt, Valentine's Day is one of the most auspicious and accepted days for proposing his/her crush. The day itself made for romantic couples and should be the ideal occasion to convey his/her feelings towards the partner. As spending some time together is common on Valentine's Day, there will be plenty of opportunity to say the inner feeling.
There are various ways of making the proposal really special and there exist many different approaches. Many feel that proposing in-front of a crowd is a very innovative, unique and moreover a bold action. I personally feel this move too filmy and may create an embarrassing situation for my crush. May be my opinion is influenced by the fact that I do not like crowds at all.
This hate for crowd will also not allow me to set a restaurant for the ideal place for proposing. Though there is some privacy inside a restaurant, still I will like having a more serene place.
Now getting such a serene place in the middle of a bustling and heavily populated city like Kolkata is not a matter of joke. So what to do? Why not plan for a long drive on Valentine's Day? There are fortunately a few of very beautiful, serene locations available not so far from Kolkata, my hometown. I have to do some research to find the perfect romantic place to propose. Then on that V Day while having some leisure time I will propose my crush. So, the first thing to do is to make my crush agree for a long drive on Valentine's Day.
With the location set, the next thing is to find the right words and the gifts that will accompany my words. Since my crush is extremely fond of chocolates, I may think of buying some heart shaped chocolates as a gift. I am even planning to insert some other gifts like a pair of earrings or a ring inside the chocolate box along with the chocolates. There will be a note as well bearing a romantic poem written by me for her.
Now the stage is perfectly set and all I have to do is propose. How to deliver the final words? What to say? What will be her reaction? Let these things remain between me and my crush. Pray for us, for a nice and romantic journey together.
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