Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to determine whether Google thinks your website as mobile friendly

mobile friendly
Having a non readable or usable mobile-friendly website on a mobile phone is no longer desirable. The reason is clear marking of websites (screenshot) in mobile search results by Google that is considerably mobile friendly and also with a drop in mobile traffic of the website may occur if the tag do not get displayed around the content. A definite way to go is the Responsive design, but that is not quite enough. How to confirm whether according to Google a web page is apt for mobile? Following are a few ways to determine if a website is mobile friendly or not.
One: searching a site “’’ on any mobile phone in Google to check the if the tag is displayed in the most accepted web pages on one’s website. This is the fastest way to test the mobile-friendliness of multiple pages without application of any of the tools.
An online tool is also offered by Google that helps understand whether one’s website is considered mobile friendly. One will have to run it against every page of the website.
A website may sometimes be readable and responsive on any mobile devices yet it may not be utilizable. For example, links may have been located nearby, making it inconvenient to tap (like on this page) or the videos may have been set with Flash that is non operational on some mobile devices. These factors may restrict Google from marking one’ website mobile friendly.
The Google webmaster account can be used to know whether a site is limited to any of these usability problems. Applying various options like Mobile Usability or Choosing Search traffic are very helpful. Similarly, one can use Webmaster Tools to see if pages on one’s site that are marked by Google and needs attention.

As an alternative, the Page Speed tool can be used to identify usability issues also without logging in Webmaster Central. Inserting URL in the input box and checking the User Experience report under Mobile if one notice anything in Red then it needs attention and one must fix it. There are many similar tools available over the internet and can be considered to check the website on a much broader domain of mobile phones.
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