Saturday, November 29, 2014

Clean India: A Mark of a Disciplined Nation

Clean India
For a clean nation, it is important for its people to be clean in every aspect of life. A clean, strong and healthy nation needs a cleaner and healthier environment and it arises from the practice of cleanliness. Thus the practice of cleanliness is vital for a disciplined nation. Cleanliness is also linked to public and personal hygiene. So it is indispensable for every citizen to understand the importance of cleanliness and follow and learn the good healthy habit of cleanliness, personal hygiene and sanitation. One should understand that a cleaner nation is healthier nation and health is the key factor for every nation to be successful. The educated population has the additional responsibility to teach the non-educated people. 
Like every habits cleanliness should also be taught at the growing age, so that it gets rooted into one’s character. It is our duty to educate our children with proper hygiene and cleanliness to have a sustainable clean and healthy nation in future. 
It is extremely necessary to follow some basic good habits and practices of cleanliness that will keep our surrounding environment clean. Good habits include some basic principles to follow in daily life like, keeping away from littering in public places, creating a clean surroundings, never to spit in the open and on roads. 
Proper awareness of cleanliness and maintaining good hygiene is of utmost importance for the welfare of our country and its progress. Every Indian should understand the significance of a clean India and should participate to make our nation clean and beautiful. Moreover, apart from having a clean mind is important to think clean and contribute to the cleanliness of the nation.

Come forward and make your voice count for a Clean India.


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