Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy home begins with a healthy child

The wellness of your child is no doubt of paramount importance to every household. A healthy child brings happiness to the family. If we consider the global scenario and position of India in this respect, things are not very bright. The rate of death of children in the world has been reduced to half in recent years in comparison to past few decades. But this does not reflect the overall development in child health scenario in every nation. Particularly in several countries, like India the progress of child health is moving forward very slowly.  This slow nature of development needs urgent attention and should be dealt with specific approaches. In 1998 the child mortality rate was highest in India with the death of nearly 2.5 million children of the age group below 5 years.
From the onset of birth most of Indian children have to face deprived childhoods. Many of them are underweight and suffer from nutritional, educational and immunization deficiencies. The scenario of India is worse than the average of all the developing countries.
Even after adaptation of various policies and methods, the overall scenario of malnutrition in children across the globe is quite disappointing with approximately 90% of children from developing countries in Africa and Asia are suffering from malnutrition. A nation’s growth and competence get compromised when the majority of its children is undernourished and unless severe it is often remaining unnoticed.
Every day, millions of children are unable to grow and develop till their full potential due to malnutrition and ill-health. As development of human civilization depends heavily on well nourished and healthy children, the current scenario is calling for programs in large scale to address this matter. It is vital for the progression and advancement of our country.
Though the Government is doing its bit in reviving this scenario (no doubt it is an intimidating task ahead) it is also our responsibility to ensure proper nutritional benefits to our children and satisfy their demands. We love our child more than our life and if our child is sick our world comes to an end. Nothing seems good at that moment. The nutritional deficiencies are the primary culprit behind our child sickness in most of the cases. Appropriate healthy diet is essential for proper nutrition and any deficiency in that respect weakens the immune system of your child. This gets your child vulnerable against numerous virus and bacteria lurking around everywhere in the environment.
Apart from appropriate nutrition through daily supple diet your child need supplements for additional boost especially during the growing period. In this scenario, the age-old formulation of Dabur Chyawanprash which is drawn from several herbs and more than 40 natural ingredients including Amla (notably the best antioxidant) and Giloy or Guduchi (having immuno-modulatory properties) will definitely come in handy.  Dabur Chyawanprash is a time tested formulation which delivers the potential to increase your child’s immunity by 3 times* & thus gives your child three times more protection against sickness. Visit for more details. 
Image courtesy: Dabur Chyawanprash and Indiblogger
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  1. I have seen many adds of Aamir Khan on this issue. We were not aware of it before. Its good that govt is taking steps for this.


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