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The Top 5 Most helpful Email Addresses for your Address Book

The Top 5 Most helpful Email Addresses for your Address Book
There are many email addresses which can be very useful to have in your address book. You can use them to publish content or upload anything to your favorite websites even if you possess only a basic phone i.e. a phone without any apps or even a web browser. All you need to have is the basic e-mail program. So writing tweets, converting documents, uploading to dropbox, posting videos, using the dictionary, making a Google search and many more tasks can be performed using some e-mail addresses. So these addresses should be stored in your address book. Even if you have a modern phone, these addresses come handy in certain places where social media are restricted and you cannot use them directly.
  • If you have a blogger blog (blogspot) then to publish a new post, all you have to do is to send a e-mail to The e-mail will get published as a new post to your blog. It supports maximum 10mb of post at a time.  The address is located in your Blogger Blog under mobile and e-mail settings panel.
  • As usual this facility is also available for Wordpress users through Here also the subject line acts as the title of your post while the body and attachment will be the post content. Additionally, by using short codes you can schedule your post and add tags to your post. You can find the e-mail address in My Blogs part of your account dashboard.
  • Uploading video to YouTube is also possible through e-mail program and the address can be located in the account settings section. All you have to do is to e-mail the video after attaching it to your mail and a confirmation sms or e-mail will reach you shortly. So your phone will no longer be a hindrance in uploading your favourite videos to YouTube.
  • Similar to Blogger your Flickr account gives you similar feasibility by providing an e-mail address Photos and videos posted in this e-mail address will show up in your Flickr account immediately. The address can be easily located in the settings section of your Flickr account. Moreover the subject given to the e-mail will become the title of your photo or video and it also offers privacy settings option for your content.
  • Now you can even manage your notes and protect them from losing by sending them via e-mail to and they will be placed into Evernote. The subject of the mail as always, becomes the title and you can use @ and # to organize them according to your wish.

These e-mails are extremely useful in certain situations as are quite evident from the descriptions. So keep them handy in your address book for use in time of need. We will be back with further list of mail addresses for you.
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  1. I had no idea evernote saved notes if sent by mail to them...quite informative post.


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