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Most useful Email Alerts Services one should exploit

Useful Email Alerts Services
Let us discus and present the complete list of the best available email alert services that one should utilize to help in monitoring every possible detail on the web through email notifications.

Google Alerts are generally used for tracking anything new on the web but interestingly, there exists a plethora of certain other e-mail alerting services that are at the same time very useful and totally free of cost. Discussed below are some of them:
Follow your World –The Google service that helps in tracking satellite images of different locations within Google earth and Google Maps. An email alert is provided each time Google releases updated and new aerial imagery for the various locations needed to be tracked.

Brook – Twitter timeline is usually a never-ending array of tweets and sometimes better tweets get lost in the noise. Brooks’s service sends a daily email digest of five best tweets from one’s favorite tweeters so that he or she never misses what they say.

Domain Tools –Web domains can be monitored in this service, which alerts via email about any domain nearing expiration, when they are to be renewed or whether there is any major changes to be made in the records of the domain. Anything and everything about websites can be known by exploring more tools.

Visual Ping –An area can be visually marked on any web page and an email alert will be sent by Visual Ping when the web page changes. The trigger to go can be set only when there are major and important modifications to the page.

Newsle -News websites are tracked by this service and it alerts when any of the friends or people in one’s social network appear in news stories. It examines one’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to determine the friends and colleagues.

Book Alerts –The search feature of the Amazon can be used to track the release of any upcoming books by just entering the publication date of the book somewhere in the future.

Earthquake Alerts –A free earthquake notification is providing the USGS website service that sends email alerts when earthquake are reported in an area. Information about any seismic activity around a particular area can be obtained by marking the area on Google Map and the service will notify of any possibility.

Follow-up Gmail – The “starred” folder of Gmail is usually a dumping ground of email messages that require follow-up. A daily digest of 10 random messages picked from the starred items is sent by this Google Script, which may require follow-up.

Wikipedia Watch – This website sends email notification when the contents of any pages/articles kept in one’ Wikpedia watchlist has been edited. The changes may also be available as RSS feeds.

Timehop – Timehop is available as an app for Android and iOS devices. Every morning an email with a status update or photograph that may have been published on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram a year ago can be received.

Talkwalker – This helps in getting email alerts when one’s name, brand or website is mentioned in news stories, forums, websites, etc. This may be considered as a better alternative to Google Alerts.

IFTTT – This popular service offers several email alerts rolled into one. Alerts for severe weather conditions, notification about stock price fluctuations, monitoring of Craigslist and etc. can be achieved through this service.

Mention – While mentioning of websites is tracked by Google Alerts, the social media websites and commenting platforms, Disqus for example, are monitored by the Mention service for one’s search terms. Also, only freshly-baked content that has been published in the past 24 hours is monitored.

Mouse Lock –Monitoring of one’s unattended computer can be achieved through this unique service that sends an email alert with the picture of the person who might have tried to use the computer in his or her absence.

Amazon Price Tracker – Daily email alerts of the price of chosen items available on the Amazon website can be monitored items if the price goes up or down.


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