Monday, August 4, 2014

Facebook Launches New Features for Slingshot

Facebook has launched a new feature to its application Slingshot. The App gets the new version which lets you to a “Reaction to the Reaction” respond, with no need to unlock the inward message.
The first version was launched a month ago and this is the first update of the system with many new exciting features which also include “Chain Reaction” of messages. This allows users to keep away from using “Reply to Unlock” system.
One can download Slingshot 1.1 here (for iOS) and here (for Android).
In Slingshot you can only show a message if the user, conveys a response in the form of text, photo or video. After this you can either make a response or delete the message. Since it is necessary to again unlock the new message the exchange ends at this point. However, the new update will now allow users to get the benefit of the new feature, “reactions-to-reactions” to commence a typical conversation without further “unlock”.
This feature has one drawback in terms of growth of the application as the response swap remains limited between two users.
The friend search option has also been simplified with the introduction of My People and you can easily invite your Facebook friends or Phonebook contacts.


  1. So another feather in FB's cap... nice to know..

    1. Yes, another feather indeed and a very good one............


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