Sunday, March 23, 2014

Healthy Hair: Healthy Life

The present day stressful life is having a bearing on our hair and they surely need to be recharged to get back to the old glory. Hair is not the only sufferer of this stress, but the hair is the integral part of human beauty and the fear of losing their shape is just too much to bear. Be it men or woman everyone loves to have a fine worry free hair on their head. Gone those days, when only women are concerned about their hair and men hardly giving any thought of improving their hair condition. Now we are almost equally concerned about our hair quality because hair is an integral part of our identity and everybody tends to look at our hair first when meeting for the first time. So a good healthy hair means a lot.

The time constrains in modern world significantly raised the risk of having a damaged hair (at a time when we are more concerned with our look than past, when naturally we looked better due to less stress and tension). As men have become more conscious about their hair, similarly women are enjoying the extreme sports and adventure more than the past. So the need for a worry free hair that can withstand the strong wind or extremely dusty condition and still remain in proper self to be presentable at the following sober function is ever increasing.

Women often face a bigger challenge due to their long hair and the immediate solution is to cut them short. A woman with long hair has become quite rare nowadays though most of them definitely will love to have them long. So it is clear by now that we all need a recharged hair, which can deal with the different adverse condition and will not make any hindrance in our quest for a recharged life.

Let us discuss in details the need for a healthy hair: -

Healthy hair means now you can roam about freely without any tension of hair damage due to the surrounding environment. Be it in the scorching sun, dusty roads (construction sites, or highways), desert trails, windy environment, in the midst of jungle trail or even, in extreme cold your hair will stand farm and you will not have to worry about the look of your hair while getting back to your routine life the very next day.

Play freely in your neighbourhood and rekindle your childhood memories and do not worry about how your hair will take it.

Enjoy extreme sports and adventures like snorkelling, skiing, surfing, gliding, beach sports (football, volleyball or cricket), rock climbing, trekking, biking and of course a long drive with your head out of the window.

  • Healthy hair will give you a more radiant, refreshed and dazzling look, a dramatic change that will surely place you under the limelight.

  • You will feel younger and it will definitely add to your looks. A good looks matter and surely we want a better look irrespective of the gender.

  • This will give you an instant fresh look that everybody will like and admire. May be they all get inspired from your healthy hair.

  • A healthy hair means you have more time to enjoy life. A recharged hair is easier to maintain with lots of possibilities. It gets dry quickly as well which I think all women will especially love to handle.

  • With a healthy hair everybody, especially women will have more liberty in trying different fashion and hair styles.

  • A healthier hair means reduced breakage and almost nil dead and dry ends.

  • Party hard with your healthy hair and enjoy life at its fullest.

God gifted every one of us beautiful hair with different looks and feel. Every variety has its own appeal and beauty. It is in our interest to cherish our treasure and make them more attractive. Healthy hair will definitely recharge our life. So nourish a healthy hair and feel free, refreshed, young and alive; enjoy life to fullest.

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