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Making a successful career change: some dos and Don’ts

Making a successful career change
Changing the career is always a tough call to make and if you are seriously looking to go for it you must keep several things in mind. When you are thinking of changing your career that means you are in a challenging phase of your career and it is really a tough decision to take. Your mind must be filled with uneasiness and suspicions as leaving the comfort of your present job and the concern of joining the upcoming job troubles you most. But, the thing is that to get going into a career you need to switch jobs at the right point. This trend is therefore here to stay and the current surveys reveal that in an average successful job profile almost has two job changes per three years.
People now do not depend on the promotion in the same company; instead they look for switching companies with much higher payment. The mobility in the job market, thus increased a lot. People try to change jobs, according to the increase of their skills. The earlier thought of being loyal to the company also changed and employers do not take job hopping as a sign of disloyalty towards their present company. Whenever they get a good opportunity they are more than willing to take it.
However, one has to be very careful and make these changes tactfully, to shine in their career. Before making the shift one should thoroughly research the pros and cons of both the companies and the resultant change. The present market scenario should also be kept in mind before making the final leap. Consider not only the salary hike, but also your scope as an employer in the new company and the background of the company. It is of course useless to switch companies if you do not get the required benefit.
Please try to keep in mind the following points while deciding for a career change. Make a well defined plan of career change before starting to think about the possibilities. Do not rush into it and make a hasty decision. Keep track of the growth opportunities and offers in your current job and compare them with the upcoming one. If you see that changing the career will really benefit a lot, then go for it, otherwise it has no meaning. Often changing jobs for monetary gains only may costs you hard in the future. Try to make your profile comparable so that you can always get offers from reputed firms.
Once you are certain to change your job, do not lose your focus because of the anxiety or tension for the new job environment. Just back yourself here as this is very important for your career and you have to overcome the unsecured feeling of leaving the comfort of the settled job environment. Your career is a delicate affair and one must be sure about one’s own ability and goal to avoid unwanted situations in life.
There may be various reasons behind your thought of changing the career. It may also because of the dissatisfaction with your current job (no growth opportunities, wrong company attitude, and bad relationship with your boss). Changing jobs in the same field is relatively easier compared to your decision of changing the career altogether. In both the cases if you have proper homework it may help you avoid difficult circumstances in the future and you do not have regrets later. So back yourself and wishing a very happy career change.

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